May 222015

I took my car into BMW service recently because my rear view camera wasn’t working properly. I left it there for 2 days. On day 2 I get a call telling me that me that upon inspection of the car they found that I have a broken front axle and suspension! They say it must have been cause by a pothole. The car, besides the camera, was running fine. I didn’t have any trouble with the handling or performance at all. Is it possible that I hit a pothole and I wouldn’t have known I caused this damage or is something fishy going on?

May 142015

I accidently put coolant into the oil engine. I didn’t start the car yet, I need help. how do I fix this terrible mistake? how mad is this for the engine?

May 122015

I changed the right side motor mount and after the repair, car will not crank. Battery is good. I can hot wire the car and it will run, however, it will not crank from the switch. The electronics Immobilizer control relay is not being energized.

May 012015

Hi, the replacement cam shaft sensor I have got is a different diameter at the end to the old one, the old one is stepped.

Apr 222015

The dealer said he fixed the engine idle problem but as I drove it off the the lot the same thing happened again. Is this normal after repairs?

Apr 152015

i am perfectly capable of a full rebuild myself but i am having problems figuring out the pistons and rings i need so i do not have to bore my motor

Mar 042015

I purchased a new AUC sensor to install in my ’07 750 Li. By all accounts, it is mounted to the upper fan shroud on the passenger’s side. I have spent the last 2 hours searching for it, and have removed all the components that I should need to in order to find it. It appears that it is suppose to be mounted in the area marked, but there is no sensor, no wire…nothing but the fan motor wiring (the dangling connector is for the mass air flow sensor). Does anyone have any ideas where this is located on the vehicle?? I have looked around the cabin filters/firewall as well and nothing.

Mar 012015

2004 BMW 318i – how to replace the range selector switch?
This car is giving problems with the automatic transmission (steptronic) – jerky gear changes with the transmission dashboard warning light coming on.
I want to replace the range selector switch for the transmission but needs some guidance on how to do this.
Appreciate any assistance with this. Thanks.

Feb 232015

it have 2 coolant temperature sensor locadeted in the thermosat housing one with a plug and with 2 wires white and brown, the sensor has a purple top,,should that one show some type of resistance when checking with ohms meter