May 202013

Hello question… i have a 97 BMW 740il 162,359 my dad told me that when he was.moving the car that it had an oil leak. My car isn’t the only one in his driveway as we do share but he said there was a spot under it when he moved it. The car has been there for 2 weeks. When i drove it, it drove perfect. Is it possible i might Still have a leak or???

May 172013

Hello i have a question…..i recently bought a used 1997 bmw 7 series 162,358 miles from a guy i work with. He told me the only problem is the o2 sensor and he said he drove the car like that for about a year becuase he forgot to change it out. How long can i drive before it starts causing major problems? Can i run my air conditioning? Money is tight wondering if i should get this fixed asap. Thanks

Oct 192011

this car started fine when i purchased it and then at home. a week ago i started it and let it run for a few minutes when i tried to move the steering wheel it stopped running. i tried to re start it but it would sputter and did not run again. i thought it was the fuel pump because it had been parked for over six months and low fuel. i changed the fuel pump, still did not start. changed the sending unit, still same problem, changed the fuel filter and spark plugs . still did not start. took it to a friends shop. he informed me that there is not fuel being delivered to the engine and there is no spark on the plugs. now the car has a bmw alarm i thought that was the problem and reprogramed the thing but it is still not working. all fuses have been checked and they are fine. the fuel filter is in the correct position and the fuel pump is working but there is no electricity coming to it. the car turns but does not start. all lights do work but the electric top does not work since the vehicle stopped starting.

what do you think can be the problem? is there a cut off switch? could this be the problem? is it the computer? please help.

Aug 292011

I own a 1987 BMW 528e, that I just bought 3 months ago. When I bought the car the front brakes were grinding, so I replaced the front brakes and rotors since the rotors had grooves in them. Then I replaced the rear brakes. I also just put new tires and sway bar links on the front. My front Driver’s side sway bar was broken so I just replaced them both. We thought that or the tires was causing the vibration in the steering wheel and the car, but she is still vibrating. From my research it says either my rotors are warped or uneven, but the front ones are new, the back ones are a little shiny but no grooves. Any help is greatly appreciated

Jun 012011

Doors locked by themselves, keys inside car, crawled through trunk (faulty latch, thank goodness), could not open locks inside – keys passed through trunk so i could unlock car door with key. Tried to start car – nothing. No click no nothing. Radio is fine, lights work. No immobilizer that we are aware of. Has never done this before. Any suggestions??

Sep 112010

I have a 2000 BMW 323i with a standard engine. When the engine is running, the stick shift will not completely go into any gear or reverse. When the engine is not running it will go into every gear and reverse. I can put it into reverse or first gear with the engine off, start the car and drive it that way but I cannot go into second with the engine running. The just started last night.