Jul 192010

My gf’s ’03 BMW 530 AC/Heating unit isn’t working. The fan isn’t turning on for either. What to do? I checked the fuses and all seemed ok. Not sure about the fuses that don’t show visual breakage. Thanks in advance

Jun 142010

i have a 1992 bmw 325i my back rear rotor when i jack it up has too much play and when im drivin it makes a clacking noise or poppin noise its gotten so bad its damagen my rotor

Apr 122010

After sitting for several hours,when the car is first started it leaks gas from just below the throttle. If it is turned off and then restarted the leak stops even after a couple hours. The injectors and the surrounding area look dry. It has to sit for a certain period of time-8 hours or so-for it to do this. As I said it appears to be coming from under where the throttle and its cable meet. It is the 6 cylinder 4 stroke inline, water cooled with inclined overhead valves and single overhead camshaft. Thanks.