Mar 292017

Chevy Monte CarloMy alarm system wont let my car start


First try a different ignition key if you have one. The ignition key has a chip that is required to start the engine. If this doesn’t work then try this.

  • Disconnect the battery
  • Turn ignition key to “ON”
  • Connect battery
  • Move ignition key from “ON” to “START”

This should reset the alarm and allow it to run. If it still does not you may need to disassemble the steering column an repair the wiring at the key lock cylinder for the connections that go to the chip in the key.

PCV Valve 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo

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Mar 082017

pcv valveChanging the pcv valve today and some rubber fell inside where the pcv valve goes…will this be a problem? Its a 2000 Chevy Monte Carlo


Big piece or little piece of rubber? I wouldn’t think to much about a tiny fragment. If it was a large piece of rubber the best thing would be to remove the valve cover.

Valve Cover Removal

The right side is easy to get to. Simply remove the four bolts and lift the valve cover.

valve cover removalThe left side is a bit more work since the ignition coils are mounted directly on top.

  • Remove the spark plug wires.
  • Take off the electronic ignition control module nuts and bolts.
  • Remove the electronic ignition control module.
  • Disconnect the vacuum lines from the upper intake manifold.
  • Remove the valve rocker arm cover bolts.
  • Remove the valve rocker arm cover and gasket.
Mar 032017

2000 Chevy Blazer2000 Chevy Blazer transmission, when I checked fluid level it was always hella high. 4×4 selector buttons never worked. Going down the freeway offramp I feel a slight thud and continue to light. Light turns green I go but seems like no power. Get to next light and on green, Nothing! I switch to park then back to D, D2,D1, Nothing! I put it in reverse, BOOM! I have reverse! I try drive again but nothing. I tow it home but its the same. My question is, fixable or must I replace???? thanks Joe Sison


My guess would be replace. The thud and then a boom would lead me to believe something major took place. And the outcome ain’t good.

Feb 282017

1994 Chevy Conversion VanWant to buy this van and the steering wheel spins without turning the wheels, steering turns with or without motor running!


Steering Wheel Spins

You are looking at a money pit for its age. With there being play in the steering it could be in the steering gear box, which you can not get a new one. Auto parts stores offer re-manufactured gear boxes but they are not tight. They are warn with new seals so they don’t leak. So if the gear box is out you may not be able to correct it.

Now, if the play in the steering is more in the linkage. All the components are available and not to expensive. You will need to examine the vehicle in order to determine which is the cause for the play in the steering.

The wheel should not be able to spin unless the ignition key in unlocked.

Feb 272017

1976 Chevy TruckOne day I was driving it and the front end locked up but the rear end wasn’t locked up and it was spinning, could it be the transfer case or the lockout hubs


It sure could be or even the front differential is locked up. Removing the front drive shaft and seeing what spins would be a good indicator.

Feb 222017

Chevy MalibuWould it be easy and not take long, for a skilled car mechanic, to sabotage my rack and pinion …. If He (the saboteur) had a vendetta against me? The person (who would commit such a crime) would have EASY access to the inside and outside of my car, which is parked on the street. Signed, Stuart


Yes, but it would seem much easier to break a windshield or flatten a tire.

Faint Spark 2001 Chevy Blazer S10

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Feb 222017

1991 Chevy S10 BlazerOn my blazer I have changed the crankshaft sensor the ucm and the ignition coil pack. Even went as far as changing the ignition switch in the steering wheel. I am getting a very faint spark from the coil pack and its not starting the truck. What could the problem be?


Weak or Faint Spark

In battery system, weak spark may be due to low battery voltage. Low voltage won’t allow proper magnetic fields to be created across primary and secondary windings of coil. Bad battery contacts, bad ignition switch contacts, faulty connection of any wire in ignition system can also cause weak spark.

Flaw in ignition module may cause weak spark. Best test method to simply replace module with known good module and try to start engine.


On the HEI you have 4 main parts that gives the spark.
  1. The coil (mounted in top of distributor cap)
  2. Under the coil is a carbon bushing with spring on it.. This touchs bottom of coil and sticks through cap and hits the rotor button… Think of this carbon button as your ‘coil wire’
  3. Inside the distributor you ten have the magnetic pickup coil.. The round star looking thing that the shaft sticks up through.. This is the main working part of distributor.
  4. Then you have the ignition module.
A weak spark is normal for 1 of a few things.
  • Your not getting a good full 12 volts to the distributor
  • The coil is going bad
  • The carbon button is worn down too much
  • Or the module is going out..

Temperature Light 1984 Chevy El Camino

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Feb 142017

1984 Chevy El CaminoThe coolant temperature light doesn’t come on when ignition is on and in the “bulb test” mode. Is there a procedure to check the system?  The bulb is OK.   The Alternator and Choke lights both come on properly.


I would think you could simply take the Green wire where it connects to the temperature switch and ground it directly to the side of the block. This should illuminate the light bulb.

Coolant Temperature Light Switch Wiring Diagram

Dash Wiring Diagram 1984 Chevy El Camino

Feb 092017

1989 Chevy TruckI rebuilt my 5.7L engine, all new parts, pistons .030 over everything else stock, tbi. wont start, oil squirts from oil pan gasket, oil filter under big pressure. when this resolved 1 other top end question.


Sounds like there is some sort of restriction in the oil passages or crankcase. Do you have  a crankcase breather and a PCV valve installed in the valve covers? Does it still spew oil out of the oil pan with the valve cover removed?

Engine Crankcase Pressure

If the engines crankcase does not have a place to vent all the pressure will build with no place to go.