Oct 022019

Hyundai Accent

My car won’t start, battery is fine, lights on the dash light up but won’t turn over. It is a 2008 Hyundai Accent.

We have taken the time to create a step by step no start diagnostic chart for just this occasion.

9 out of 10 times this issue is caused by a weak/dead battery. The other 1 out 10 is from poor/corroded connections or failed starter circuit. If the battery is over 4 years old, put a new one in it anyway.

But my dash lights come on how can the battery be bad?

The lights on the dash, the radio and even the headlights use little battery juice when compared to the engine starter. The starter can require up to 250 amps where the radio requires as little as 5 amps. Big difference.


Sep 172019

Hyundai Accent

I recently replaced the crankshaft position sensor. The tach began working again, brakes stopped being super touchy, and the car would shift fine again, problem solved. However, just 2 weeks later same exact problem again. My question is, would there be a cause for this part to repeatedly fail and how to prevent it failing again?

There are a few things to look at. The sensor of course. Next look at the connection to the sensor. Then check the wiring harness and connection at the PCM.

Crankshaft Position Sensor Description

A Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKPS) is a magnetic type sensor that generates voltage using a sensor and a target wheel mounted on the crankshaft. There are 58 slots in the target wheel where one is longer than the others. When the slot in the wheel aligns with the sensor, the sensor voltage outputs low. When the metal (tooth) in the wheel aligns with the sensor, the sensor voltage outputs high. During one crankshaft rotation there are 58 rectangular signals and one longer signal. The PCM calculates engine RPM by using the sensor’s signal and controls the injection duration and the ignition timing. Using the signal differences caused by the longer slot, the PCM identifies which cylinder is at top dead center.

Crankshaft Position Sensor Location


How to test the crankshaft position sensor

Using an ohm meter check for the Resistance. You are looking for it to read between 774 – 946. If it is not, replacement will be needed.

Crankshaft Position Sensor Wiring Diagram


Sep 102019


Looking to buy a used car that will last me. Is this a good car? It has 25k mileage on it.

Almost all cars these days are “good” but not all are backed with the same warranty. So a car is only as good as the warranty that comes with it per say. Hyundai advertising as offering America’s Best Warranty at 10 years/100,000 miles. That is pretty hard to beat. That means the manufacturer is placing odds that the car will last 10 years or 100,000 miles minimal issue.

How long will it last?

How the vehicle is maintained and driven play a large roll in how long it will last. Is the car being taken to the drag strip on the weekend or driven by grandma to the grocery once a week? I think you get the picture. Having the oil changed and the tires rotated on a regular bases will also make a difference. Fortunately this particular car only have 25k miles on it. So it is just now thinking about being broke in. Many more miles left on this one.

Should I buy It?

Most all cars are in pretty good shape with only 25k miles on them. So you may want to focus on what is important other than the obvious shape of the used car. Instead focus on cleanliness, comfort and overall appearance. Usually a nice clean car has been well taken care of and for our hard earned money, that is what want. We also want to be comfortable while driving and not feel like we are cramped up, etc. And of course we all enjoy the “Wow Factor” when looking at our new purchase.

Aug 062019

Hyundai Santa Fe

I installed new battery on vehicle. Then turned the ignition over several times, only clicked. A small ground wire attached to the top of the motor became hot enough to melt the insulation on the wire.

Sounds like you need a better ground wire and a replacement starter.

First thing would be to replace the burnt wire with a heavier gauge wire. Then check your connections at the battery for being loose and or corroded. Clean them well, both the cable end and the battery terminal. Then check the connections at the stater and clean them making sure they have good contact and are not saturated with oil.

A rule of thumb

One hard click is a sign of a faulty starter. Several clicks (click, click , click, click) indicates a weak/dead battery.

How to replace the starter Hyundai Santa Fe

Jul 242019

Hyundai Sante Fe

I cannot get the hood of my Santa Fe open. The hood release lever on the panel beneath the dashboard does not pop the hood. We removed the lever and plastic panel and tried pulling on the cable that connects to the hood latch in front of the hood and it still won’t open. Help!!

Sometimes the need of attaching a pair of Vise Grips to the cable and then pulling is enough to get the job done. Other times wiggling and moving the hood around a bit at the same time does the trick. Has the car been in an accident? If there is damage to the hood or surrounding areas you may need to seek out a body shop for assistance.


Lastly, if you can see the mounting bolts after you have removed the front plastic cover, remove the mounting bolts on the hood latch itself.

Jun 152019

I heard some cracky sound in my Steering wheel. Even when the road is smooth, I still here that sound randomly.

Steering Wheel Noise

When you hear a new noise in your car it is a good idea to turn down the radio and continue driving normally to try and determine where the noise is coming from, when it occurs, and how to describe it to your mechanic.  Since the steering system in your car is connected to so many things, steering wheel noise can come from lots of different places.  To allow your front wheels to carry the weight of your car, turn, travel with your suspension and deliver power to the ground, there are lots of links and joints that can make noise.


If you hear crunching from just behind your steering wheel you probably have a bad clock spring.  The clock spring in your car is an electrical connection that maintains contact even if one side is rotated.  It consists of a round contact pad on the steering column and a small spring on your steering wheel that makes contact.  If that spring is broken or damage it will crunch as it travels in a circle and should be replaced.

Reference: https://gobdp.com/blog/steering-wheel-noise/

Apr 242019

Hyundai Sante FeI have a 2006 Hyundai Santa Fe V6 recently bought. I was told the driver side window master switch needed to be replaced. So I bought a certified used one. Put it in and the windows are still not working. None of the windows will work in fact please help????

Power Window Won’t Work

First thing to do would be to confirm power is getting to the master switch you just installed. The old one may not have been bad either. Battery positive gets tot he power window master switch through a fuseible link and a power window relay. Use the provided power window wiring diagram below for reference.

2006 Hyundai Sante Fe Power Windows Wiring Diagram

2006-hyundai-sante-fe-power-windows wiring diagram

Mar 112019

Do all of these have timing chain tensioner issues?

The majority of them do. There is an updated tensioner that is now available. The New Part Number is 24410-3c300. This is noted in the Technical Service Bulletin #06-20-002

Hyundai 3.3L & 3.8L Engine Timing Chain Tensioner – Part Update TSB# 06-20-002


An updated timing chain tensioner is now available. This part may help reduce timing chain noise. The noise may effect some vehicles during initial 10 seconds of operation after prolonged storage.

Vehicles Affected:

  • 2006-07 Azera 3.8L – Produced through July 4, 2006
  • 2007 Entourage 3.8L – Produced through June 26, 2006
  • 2007 Santa Fe 3.3L – Produced through August 4, 2006
  • 2006-07 Sonata 3.3L – Produced through August 4, 2006

Parts Information:


Jan 252019

Intermittent start in Park. Sometimes need o shift to Drive, then back to Park, then try to start. EBS and ESC lights come on for aperiod of time and then off again.

My guess would be that the starter is causing the issue. Intermittent issues are difficult to diagnose but not impossible. The diagnosis and testing can only be performed when the issue is present. So when it won’t start.

Dec 212018

Battery light is on. Checked alternator, battery and wires. They are working properly. Not sure what to check next

Check the Belt and tensioner assembly. The battery light comes on when the battery is not being charged. This can be from the alternator not working. Bad connections to the battery or alternator.  A bad cell in the battery. If you are seeing that the alternator is charging, my guess would be the battery is faulty or you have a blown fuse.