Mar 152015

I have a 2008 g37 coupe s and my car just started to unstall every time I start the car it shuts off and when I step on the gas starts and stays running. What could it be? Please help me

Jan 252015

Driver side front door won’t open from outside, but still opens from inside. Already removed outside handle to check for damage, and it was OK. Took door panel off, and was going to take the inner steel panel off, but couldn’t get exact procedure for dealing with the window carriage and glass from the usual Nissan help sites, and lost my nerve in going any further. Does the window have to be removed to access the inner door, or can it just be raised. My fear was when the carriage was unbolted from the inner door panel, that I wouldn’t be able to get the bolts back into the carriage after reattaching the inner panel, as the carriage moved away from the panel when I started to unbolt it.

Jul 222014

When I reconnect the battery, the trunk opens and the front lights come on and the rear marking lights come on and will not turn off.  How can turn these off or do I have to pull the fuse for the security system?  I would also need a fuse diagram, the owner did not have the manual when I purchased the vehicle.

Jun 052011

1993 Infinity G20 automatic 150k
Transmission had been slipping occasionally, happened most often when I would slow down and accelerate again, (say from 50 to 25, and back up again). Then, when accelerating moderately from an intersection, there was a pop/clunk and the transmission was completely disengaged -reverse, drive, park, made no difference. The car rolls in any gear even Park. A local engine mechanic mentioned the linkage and/or bands, and found the transmission fluid was low, said it could have got dry and burned up.

Oct 262010

1999 Infiniti G20. 145,000 miles. Auto trans. This problem just started recently. As you accelerate a humming noise increases in pitch throughout acceleration. It sounds like when you pass a large 4WD truck with monster tread tires…that whirring, humming sound. It does not happen while in neutral while stationary and revving the engine, so I know it’s not an engine bearing – only while on the road while moving. It does happen while coasting in neutral at speed. The trans also shifts perfectly so I don’t think it’s involved and the tire pressure is correct ,so I put it up on blocks and got underneath. It appears to be coming from down near the transmission/differential or axles. But this car had both axles replaced less than a year ago. Originally, I thought it might be the wheel bearings. But when I lifted the car and wiggled the wheels, I found no play and the noise seemed to be coming from farther in than at the area where the wheel bearings would be. It was there even while spinning the wheels freely by hand while on the lift. I think this car has a differential bearing and wonder about that or maybe it’s the wheel bearings and I just didn’t hear the location correctly. Or maybe the axles were done wrong…? Can anybody help me identify this problem? Thanks! – JL