Jun 252015

car has 1/4 tank of gas.it will start if you turn key on and wait 30 seconds.will run for about 30 seconds and then it will die.

Jun 012015

I have an 2002 Isuzu rodeo 6 cylinder. Friday it kept loosing power to everything except motor no radio, power windows, no gaubes worked, no a/c, and automatic transmission at first would work as long as you changed it manually then got to where it would not get out of 2nd and only go about 20mph. It had to be jumped when shut off, parked it for the night and next morn went and put a diff battery in it and it drove normal to auto zone they tested my old battery said it was good then checked battery and alternator in it and said the alternator was going out and it was done draining battery in it before I got back home everything quit working but motor. I went to take out old alternator and found wires that were corroded so I fixed them and reconnected them when my wife went to crank it, it arced bad out of old alternator then no longer would even try to turn over. Took old alternator to auto zone and when they tested it a red light came on there machine and then machine shut off so it was def bad. I went and put the new one in with no problem, but still nothing but headlights and dash lights work. There is no clock which is always on even with no keys, no radio, no a/c, no tail lights, no door or dome lights, and will not even turn over at all, battery is fully charged, alternator is new and tested good, and I tested all fuses on dash and in fuse box under hood and nothing was blown, but still only have headlights, and dash lights, and can hear what I think is fuel pump cutting on. Does anyone have any idea what might could be the problem and how I might can fix it, its the only car my family has and I do not have the money to take it to a mechanic

Feb 242015

my engine keeps missing the mechanic fixed the timing on it but after a couple of days it started again

Jan 202014

yesterday the car arrived.. tranny was running fine, i thought.. than a mech. drained tranny fluid.. he said he installed the correct level.. he did it while laying on the ground.. backyard mech..i had 2 gallons for the filling.. i think he used less than a quart, if that.. when i went to put it into gear it would not move.. went thru all the gears.. it’s an automatic tranny… nothing!!! when he drained the fluid less than several quarts came out… he said it needs seals that can be installed by opening the bottom pan.. and it’s an $800 job if done in a shop.. i was at –advance auto parts and they said they have the flow seals…the tranny seemed to run good until the mech drained the fluid…… i believe the tranny should have 8+ quarts installed to have it run right….. moveover, at the store he pulled fluid that was—not–dextron 111……… the –only–type that should be used…. within 12 hours i will fire him from doing anymore work on my trooper.. thanks for a competent response, okay?????

Oct 252013

trooper suddenly started getting hard to start in the am, takes longer than usual to run!,smell gass, only way to start now is clean all gas fouled spark plugs, then runs perfect till parked overnight or 6-8 hrs, changed all sensors LOST, PLZ HELP THANX!

Aug 272013

My Trooper always starts up right away, but after it has warmed up a bit it wants to quit and runs ragged at idle. It has 160K miles. I have replaced the distributor, and plug wires. It also has failed the California Smog test (too much Nitrous Oxide). Any Ideas