Key locked in trunk 2007 XK Convertible Jaguar

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Apr 122017

2007 Jaguar XK Convertable

Key locked in trunk

Battery is dead and key is in the trunk. need to know if there is another location ,(possibly under the hood,or somewhere underneath the vehicle), that I can jump start or charge the battery, so that I can access the trunk, and ultimately recharge or replace existing battery,or at the very least, be able to remove it from my garage to have it towed to the dealer.


Loud Bang 2007 Jaguar X-Type

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Aug 082016

2007 Jaguar X-TypeLoud bang while driving my 2007 Jaguar X-Type 2.2 Diesel. I am experiencing a loss of power, sounds like exhaust has blown but may be turbo related. Difficult to see under car.


An exhaust leak behind the catalytic converter would be loud and noisy but would not hinder the performance. So an exhaust leak would need to be closer to the engine. Perhaps an exhaust manifold gasket or a turbo related issue. Either way it will require closely looking for signs of a leak. Hard to tell what the loud bang would be. Is it still making the bang noise now or was it a one time thing? You may have run over something causing a loud bang and now have a damaged exhaust system. If the exhaust was smashed it would cause a loss of power.

Apr 052015

engine will not fire, have emptied fuel tank cleaned new fuel added,fuel 2 rail ok,spark 2 plugs ok, spark 2 injectors ok,gave a small squite of start u basted and fired .

Oct 062014

My MOT certificate states that there is a play in the rear upper bushes (prefix I know nothing about cars) i took it to a local mechanic who stated i require a whole right side wish bone, but i’m not sure as it only states an issue with the bushes, is this a simple fix or does it require a whole wishbone? (bear in mind it passed with the ‘play’ being an observation). Appreciate any assistance.

Aug 172014

Hello I have a 2006 s type 3.0 base Jaguar. its been giving me to main errors 1 the fuel cap and bank 1 and 2 are to rich. This is originally my mom and dads car but im now in charge or maintaining it. It does need a fuel filter change and oil change which ill be doing in the next days. I also got new e3 spark plugs and I hope a new Mass air flow sensor soon. I also know I need to replace the intake manifold O-rings 1 is leaking and I was also thinking of changing the 2 oxygen sensors when I have tested the care the 2 oxygen sensors don’t seem to be working they just come up as active. I was told I might also need to change the EGR Valve. and I was told the gas cap error or small leak might be a leak or fuel pressure sensor problem. I don’t have money to take it to be fixed or get test run and I never worked on this car other then topping fluids and change breaks. the car has 58k. I know I need to remove the manifold to change the spark plus but what gasket do I need for when I remove the manifold upper or lower? and any advice I will be happy to get.