Apr 242019
KIA Sedona

If the 3.5liter motor is out of time will that give you a false reading for a blown head gasket ?… In other if pressure check is taken on a motor out of time will 1 or 2 cylinders have low pressure reading?

Q.2 What are the possibilities that all 24 valves on a 3.5 liter engine be bent from one day to the next

Yes an interference engine such as the 3.5L DOHC can give a low compression reading that can cause a false diagnosis. This is cause by the valves being open at the wrong time and or bent.

The possibility of all the valve being bent are high if the car died while driving. This happens quite often when a timing belt breaks. The engine is already turning at over 1,500 rpm and internal parts continue to spin out of time with no belt to keep them in time. The valves hit the pistons and bend.

Jul 212018

 KIA Soul

My brake lights do not work. I have changed bulbs fuses brake pedal switch. it is not getting a constant hot to the pedal switch only with key on.

Sounds like you have gotten into a good one. Lets see if I can’t help narrow this issue down a bit. I like to start approaching electrical problems first by looking over the electrical schematic for the problematic system. We will work with the Exterior Wiring Diagram provided below. It appears as though you need to check two fuses, the STOP LP FUSE and the IG1 FUSE. Also check the HAC RELAY and the STOP LAMP RELAY located behind the center of the dash). Beyond that you are looking at checking the wiring and connections.

2013 KIA Soul Brake Light Wiring Diagram

2013 KIA Soul brake light wiring diagram

Nov 152017

2006 KIA Sportage

How difficult or easy would it be to replace the ignition coil?
specifically the coil for cylinders 3 and 6?

The labor time for replacing an ignition coil is 0.6 hours.

On the 2.7L engine it appears as though there is one ignition coil.

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Ignition Coil Replacement – 2006 KIA Sportage2.7L engine

1.Remove engine cover.
2.Disconnect spark plug cables and electrical connector.
3.Remove ignition coil.

ignition coil removal 2006 KIA Sportage

To Install:
1.Install ignition coil.
2.Connect spark plug cables and electrical connector.
3.Install engine cover.

Nov 082017

2012 KIA Soul

I have a 2012 KIA Soul and it will not start, just one click. Also had a smell of burning wires after trying to start. Was able to jump starter to get it home. Is the starter solenoid bad?

Be sure the battery is in good working condition. If while holding the ignition in “START” there is no battery positive going to the “S” terminal on the starter the starter relay may be faulty. If battery positive is going to the “S” terminal, replace the starter.

Testing the starter relay

  1. Remove the fuse box cover.
  2. Remove the starter relay (A).

starter relay location 2012 KIA Soul

  • Using an ohmmeter, check that there is continuity between each terminal.

Terminal 30 -87    Continuity NO

Terminal 85 – 86   Continuity YES

  • Apply 12V to terminal 85 and ground to terminal 86.
  • Check for continuity between terminals 30 and 87.

starter relay 2012 KIA Soul

  • If there is no continuity, replace the starter relay.
  • Install the starter relay.
  • Install the fuse box cover.
Oct 312017

2005 KIA Rio

The engine was re-done and the following problems are experienced:

  1. The cars starts while in DRIVE position
  2. The car is very heavy on fuel. While idling black smokes come out of the exhaust.
  3. The care isn’t puling normal. Struggles to go uphill

Engine was re-done

First thing that will need to be done is to have the check engine light codes read. Then you can post the codes below in the comments. The car starting in drive may just be a misaligned neutral safety switch. As for the black smoke and excessive fuel consumption, they are both related and probably caused by a faulty sensor. Having the codes will save from just throwing parts at it. The same for no power when driving.

Oct 312017

KIA Sorento

My car was in the garage when Irma hit. There was 4 feet of water in my house and etc. Now my lights come on by them selves and locks by them selves etc

My car was hit by Hurricane Irma

The only thing you can do is to disconnect the battery and try to dry everything out. It will need to be put in a closed room and a dehumidifier run with the temperature above 80 degrees. It may take a week or two or even longer to get everything to dry out. Moisture and electronics don’t mix. Then you will need to check all fluid to make sure they are not overfilled and or contaminated, including the fuel tank.

In most cases this car will be covered under insurance. Contact them first if you wish to file a claim.

Jun 162017

2000 Kia Sportage

What kind antifreeze?

What kind antifreeze do you put in the radiator ? Is it 50/50, the one that is already made up in jug at store?

Your vehicles engine calls for a 50/50 mixture of Ethylene Glycol Antifreeze and water. The green stuff that is already mixed at the store will work just fine.

Jun 052017

2002 KIA Sedona

Low gas light is refusing to come on

My husband and I have run into some problems with the fuel gauge and the low gas light. We ran our van on E for almost a week before we finally completely ran out. However the low gas light never came on. My husband assumed, and was advised that it was the fuel pump assembly so we ordered the new part and choked down the 138 dollar bill. I took my mother in laws car to get some gas and try out the new part.

With a little over 2 gallons of gas we got the van started again, yet the light was still not coming on and the gauge had hardly moved (which is somewhat understandable). The fuel gauge works fine with the new assembly according to my husband but the low gas light is refusing to come on. What else could possibly cause the light to not come on?

  • Blown bulb