Apr 172017

Kia ForteMy turning signals, hazard lights, and headlights quit working. I checked all fuses and they are all good. What is the problem and how can I fix it?

Headlights quit working

Since your headlights and turn signals work off of the multi-function switch, I would look there first. Not to mention the multi-function switch is a common failure part.

Apr 112017

2004 KIA SorentoStarter tried to start w/ key off and out of ignition. Starter burnt up. Replaced starter, Before connecting starter wires checked voltage. Starter wire 12v when key in start position. starter wire 12v when key turned off???


Sounds like some wiring harness damage may be the cause. But most common cause would be a sticking Starter Relay.

Starter Wiring Diagram 2004 KIA Sorento



Jan 162017

2007 Kia SpectraMy heat isn’t working in my KIA. Sometimes if I slam my door it will kick on but it happens less and less.


If the blower motor isn’t working at all until you slam the door, then most likely the blower motor itself is going out. The motor contacts may be getting jarred when you slam the door causing it to work again. If it only wants to work in High fan speed then the blower motor resistor is bad.

Poor Heater System Performance Testing

Check all fluid levels and adjust as needed, before operating vehicle for extended periods at idle.

  1. Start the engine.
  2. Idle the engine until the thermostat opens (upper radiator hose will be hot) Is the engine at normal operating temperature (approx. 200 F)? If yes, go to the next step. If no, go to step 16.
  3. Next Set the mode selector to FLOOR mode.
  4. Set the heater control selector to the warmest temperature setting.
  5. Set the blower speed the lowest setting.
  6. Carefully feel the inlet and outlet heater hoses at the heater core. Is the inlet heater hose significantly hotter than the outlet heater hose? If yes, go to step 14. If no, go to the next step.
  7. Set the mode selector to PANEL mode.
  8. Select the maximum blower speed.
  9. Select the warmest temperature setting.
  10. Place a thermometer into the center I/P PANEL air outlet and affix a second thermometer to the heater core outlet heater hose.
  11. Record the temperature at the center I/P PANEL air outlet and at the heater core outlet heater hose. Are the two temperature readings about equal? If yes, go to the next step. If no, go to step 13.
  12. Inspect and repair the cowl, cowl area, recirculation door, and the HVAC evaporator/heater core case for cold air leaks. Repair any problems found, go to step 17.
  13. Inspect the temperature door operation. Repair any problems found, go to step 17.
  14. Turn OFF the engine. Back-flush the heater core. Start the engine. Select the FLOOR mode and the lowest blower speed. Select the warmest temperature setting. Feel the temperature of the inlet and outlet heater hoses at the heater core. Is the inlet heater hose feel significantly hotter than the outlet heater hose? If yes, go to the next step. If no, go to step 17.
  15. Replace the heater core. When the repair is completed, go to step 17.
  16. Check for low engine temperature problems, Repair or replace as needed, go to step 17.
  17. Operate the system in order to verify the repair. If the system operates properly, the repair is complete. If the heater still does not work properly, repeat the entire procedure.
Jan 022017

KIA RioI had to take apart to have head work done. I have head and throttle body
back on but not sure where the two hose connections connect to. I have been unable to find a repair manual for this car. I have had it apart for a while so without a book having some problems. If you can help I would appreciate it. If you know where I can get a manual that would be great.

Looks like one is for the heater hose and the other is for the vacuum brake booster. Should be easy enough to determine which one will reach to each outlet.

There is a PCV hose that connects tot eh PCV valve. There is also a breather hose.

For a manual follow the “Manuals” tab above.

Dec 282016

2006 KIA SportageI have a 2006 KIA Sportage and I need  the headlamp assembly removal procedure.


Headlamp Replacement 2006 KIA Sportage

Headlamp Removal Diagram 2006 KIA Sportage

Headlamp Removal

  1. Disconnect battery negative cable.
  2. Remove radiator grill cover mounting bolts.
  3. Lift radiator grill cover and pull up on headlamp mounting tab.
  4. Disconnect electrical connectors and remove headlight.

Headlamp Installation

  1. Connect electrical connectors to headlight.
  2. Install headlight push down on locking tab.
  3. Install radiator grill cover mounting bolts.
  4. Connect battery negative cable.
Dec 052016

2004 KIA SpectraHello I wanted to know how to adjust headlights. I had to replace the bulbs and I needed to adjust them. Because its hard for me to see at night I figured adjusting them may help.



Headlight Adjustment Procedure

  1. Inflate the tires tot he specified pressure and remove any loads from the vehicle except the driver, spare tire, and tools.
  2. The vehicle should be placed on a flat floor.
  3. Draw vertical lines and horizontal line on the screen.
  4. With the headlight  and battery in normal condition, aim the headlights so the brightest portion fall on the horizontal and vertical lines.

adjust headlights

Oct 202016

2005 KIA OptimaMy 2005 Kia Optima LX 3.3l is giving me error code P0182. I have replaced the entire full pump which also had a new sensor on it. Then figured why not as I bought the car used for my daughter and wanted to replace fuel strainer as well. I can clear code by removing battery but after about 7miles driving it appears again. When I put my OBD on to read code it will show PENDING or COMPLETE. If PENDING within about 7 mins of engine just idling it will go to COMPLETE. What else can I look at to get this code to go away? I am wondering if it is stuck in the ECU to throw the code and if so how can I clear the ECU?


The reference 5V in the PCM is supplied to the fuel temperature sensor via a resistor in the PCM. That resistor in the PCM and the thermister in the fuel temperature sensor are connected in series. When the resistance value of the thermister in the fuel temperature senor changes with variations ion the fuel tank temperature, the output voltage also changes. So there may be an issue with the PCM or more likely the the wiring. Look for damaged wiring, poor connections and or corrosion. The repair must be made before the code can be cleared.

If the fuel temperature sensor’s voltage is less than 0.1V after starting, the PCM determines that a fault exists and a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is stored.

KIA Code P0182 – Fuel Temperature Sensor Circuit Low Input

KIA Code P0182 Description

The fuel tank temperature sensor is used to detect the fuel temperature inside the fuel tank. The sensor modifies a voltage signal from the PCM. The modified signal returns to the PCM as the fuel temperature input. It uses a thermistor which is sensitive to the change in temperature. The electrical resistance of the thermistor decreases as temperature increases..

When is the code detected?
An excessively low voltage from the sensor is sent to ECM.

 KIA Code P0182 Possible causes

– Poor Connection
– Short to Ground in Fuel Temperature Sensor Circuit
– Faulty Fuel Temperature Sensor
– Faulty PCM
Fuel Temperature Sensor - Code P0182
Sep 142016

2011 Kia ForteA couple of weeks ago I was driving to fix a flat and my car just died. Would not turn on just making a cranking sound. Got it towed. Had a neighbor who is a mechanic look at it. He checked fuses, good, the battery was no good So I got it replaced. He checked the fuel line through my back seat and everything looked good but he replaced the fuel pump and the filter was good. Ran sludge cleaner stuff through my gas STP and all fluids good. We tried starting it the next day since it now started but quickly died, and now it starts for a longer period off time but dies when driving it. We diagnosed the car with his scan tool and it read codes regarding an electrical part. I don’t remember exactly but regardless he changed all four coils and spark plugs. Now it starts with a little trouble in the beginning but when I rev it will catch and the check engine light is on not flashing just on. I tried going around the block and it stalls and wont start until I close the doors and lock and unlock doors with remote then it will start work about 10 seconds then starts having trouble catching so kills the engine. I have did diagnosis several times and showing misfires but my neighbor also checked to see if there was spark coming through and there was. I am now sitting in my car for 30 min and has not died but engine light is on and if I put it in drive with the brake on it starts struggling for gas about a min in but in neutral and park the gas sounds fine when I rev it up. If you have any ideas what else it could be cause I don’t have the money and time to take it across town for a $100 charge just to plug it to a computer. I was hoping time and getting some good cleaner in my tank and superior gas but its been weeks and I am desperate.


Would be great if you could post any existing check engine light codes below in the comments. Just about any auto parts store will hook up there scan tool and check the codes for FREE.

Aug 312016

2010 KIA ForteCannot shift from drive. KIA dealership mechanics had no answer for me they couldn’t figure out what is wrong with it. They said the only possible reasons are the brake sensor and/or brake switch but there wasn’t anything wrong with both.


2010-KIA Forte Shifter

I am guessing it is stuck in drive. This would make me think there is something wrong with the shifter, shift cable or shift linkage. The Shift Cable can be adjusted and may just be loose or damaged. Disconnect one end(C) of the cable from the transmission and see if the shifter will now move. The brake switch would only have an affect if the shifter would not move from Park.

Shift Cable Diagram 2010 KIA Forte

Aug 312016



This system is a bit confusing. It looks like there are several fuses to check and a relay involved. The relay is located in the same Under Dash fuse box as the blower motor fuse according to the diagram(below). However looking at the Engine compartment fuse box diagram(below) there is the 40 amp fuse that should be checked as well. I will provide you with the wiring diagrams to help assist you in your project. This should help you narrow down the circuit for the 10 amp fuse you are looking at.

Fuse Box Diagrams 2007 KIA Optima

Under Dash Fuse Box Diagram 2007 Kia Optima

Fuse Box Diagram 2007 KIA Optima

Blower Motor Wiring Diagram 1 for 2007 KIA Optima


Blower Motor Wiring Diagram 2 for 2007 KIA Optima



Relays are composed of a coil and a set of contacts. When the coil has a current passed though it, a magnetic field is formed and this field causes the contacts to move together, completing the circuit. Most relays are normally open, preventing current from passing through the circuit, but they can take any electrical form depending on the job they are intended to do. Relays can be considered “remote control switches.” They allow a smaller current to operate devices that require higher amperages. When a small current operates the coil, a larger current is allowed to pass by the contacts. Some common circuits which may use relays are the horn, headlights, starter, electric fuel pump and other high draw circuits.