May 242015

I replaced the A/C compressor on my KIA Rondo, and it now cools well enough, but the compressor does not cycle on/off. I did replace the dessicant, but not the expansion valve. The engine light has been on for some time now, even before the compressor swap. The previous compressor froze up. What should I do?

May 162015

Step on gas, RPM goes up but no acceleration, at times can not get over 35mph. On even terrain with cruise engaged speed will drop and then rev back up. This only happens occasionally. Have been back to the dealer X3 but with no engine codes fired they can’t locate the problem. Safety concerns of not being able to maintain speeds on interstates and county roads.

May 032015

i changed the spark plugs and wires and ignition coils and ignition wire . the car was running fine till i replaced these items now it is misfiring and idling erratic . what can i so ? ob2 scanner says random misfire on 1 and 3 cylinders .

May 032015

The speedometer and odometer recently stopped working some of the time. The odometer is digital and still has power, but doesn’t count miles. Again, at times it’s fine, others, it doesnt. What could be the problem and estimated cost for repair?

Apr 032015

Hello, I am replacing my timing belt and in the process I managaed to strip the hole where the tensioner arm is screwed in in a 2005 kia sorento. I tried to rethread the hole with a tap and die set but that just worsened the issue. Now I am just wondering if there was a way I could fix that stripped hole through some type of mold? Please let me know what you think, thank you in advance.

Mar 062015

why does my car still squeak when turning the wheel after the belts have been tightened once before, and why does it do this only after the car has not been started for a while? Also, what could the ticking sound be I hear along with it?