Oct 072014

I picked up my kia from a body shop that replaced doors and fenders after about 6 blocks car started lurching and missing ,I thought maybe low on gas ,limped to a station and when I opened gas cover I discovered the gas cap wrapped in plastic and taped ,I tore that off and put in gas without trying to start it up and then it started right up no problem any more ,I believe the cap is a vented cap could that have been the problem?

Mar 092014

I have a 2005 KIA Rio with 72,000 miles on it. Not all the time but sometimes the temp gauge will go into the hot then come back down to the temp it normal is just at half. This only happens when you drive it. You can let it run all day sitting still and its fine. After parking it and shutting it off the coolant comes out the overflow bucket. The coolant is up in the neck of the overflow bucket. I have replaced the thermostat with one from the dealership. Replaced radiator cap , also had a pressure check done. Everything was fine. The timing belt broke at 72,000 so I have redone the head and all gaskets was replaced then. The belt makes a noise off and on that runs around the water pump. Not sure if that has anything to do with it . We are really confused as to what it could be . I’m hoping you will have some insight .

Mar 032014

When car is in idle,I feel it vibrate-especially in the steering wheel.When driving,it goes away.Service engine light comes on(mainly when its cold out)but it sometimes goes out on its own.
Mechanic has replaced coil packs(2)timing belt & EGR valve.Says engine mounts are fine.Spark plugs fine.
Gets about 430 kms to a full tank.
Everything else seems ok
Has about 160000 kms.
Magentis Anniversary Edition.
Any tips?

Thank you 🙂

Feb 092014

I went to an auto parts store to do a diagnostic on why my check engine light was on. The guy said it wasn’t going to work cause it uses the cigarette lighter. My cigarette lighter doesn’t work and he did check the fuses in the car. Any ideas I can get the diagnostic scan to work?

Dec 212013

Check engine light on have had codes checked and had these items replaced. Oxygen sensors, throttle position sensor and NEW COMPUTER. ALL FROM DEALER! . Doing same thing. Check engine light on again and car still sputters on acceleration, and has rotten egg smell. Had cat converters checked and they said they are fine. At my wits end. Gas cap on tight. Got about 80% of my money back from dealer cause its not fixed yet……Help….had all things above changed out bc the codes said that. Also change another sensor, but cant remember what it was. It was located right behind air filter. This car has 90 000 miles. Please help