Mar 252012

I have a 1999 kia sportage lost keys someone tried to crank it with a screwdriver when i found my keys the screwdriver was jammed in ignition far enough that my keys wont work broke key trying to crank it. cant afford to take it to dealer is there anyway to get it cranked without shorting something else out. I need help please and thank you!

May 192011

I have a 2001 Kia Sportage. About 100,000 miles. It just started making a grinding sound when I take my foot off of the gas pedal. It makes this sound even if I do not touch the brake pedal. When I do start braking it will continue this grinding sound until I am almost stopped then will make a loud “thud” and stop grinding. I had my brakes done about 3 months ago and had the transfer case replaced 2 months ago.

Apr 152011

i have 2003 kia spectra it has a noise coming from the front end ,which sounds like your in a prop plane when your on the freeway. when you turn right it almost goes away and gets louder when turning left or when the front end goes down due to bumps in the road

Apr 142011

Hi- I need help! DESPERATELY! I own a 2001 Kia sportage- base model- 2.0L- 4 cyl- DOHC engine. about 98k miles on it and some what mechanically inclined.
Purchased it used- Changed the oil- replaced the thermostat. I was driving and the engine stopped- NO noise when it stopped and I figured it was the timing belt- had it towed to a local garage. There was about 4 -6 teeth missing. They replaced the belt and said it started right up- nice and quiet- ran for a little bit(no clue how long they ran it) BUT… I go to pick it up and starts up- but I notice alittle tapping noise- I go in- ask the shop- they said she was quiet- ok- maybe it was because it was cold. I drove to the bank(aprox 10 miles) the noise got LOUDER- you could hear the belt slipping or spinning… my poor little kia sounds like a “generator or sewing machine”. People look @ me like I have NO oil in it. The oil and temp is fine- I took it back to the shop and they said the timing is “FINE”- they took off the head- there is enough “clearance” and Nothing is touching- they are stumped(not great mechanics- but NOW I find out..ughh). What could cause the engine NOW after running quiet to sound like this? Is this an interference engine? did I do damage to it? OH- they did tell me- when they turn the crank shaft by hand- you can hear the noise!? HELP! I live in the country and a single mom with little $$$ and an active son in sports and scouts- I NEED MY CAR:( and really like the gas mileage… HELP- almost 2 wks with NO car!!!

Mar 142011

Car has no power and a miss. Im in WV. Care will not pull the hills around here. Speed drops down to 20mph and I down shift all the way to first gear. Just started acting up the other day.  No take off power when at a stop light. Have to tack out the rpms to get going.    Car has new head, timing belt, tranny, and water pump.    Coders right now are #1 piston misfire ( spark plug is covered in oil). Knock Sensor code and  than PO443 Purge valve, PO110 IAT.      Car kinda did this a few nonths ago and gave same codes. I cleaned the Ideal air intake sensor ( i think thats the name ) with carb cleaner and that fixed it. Thought this may be same thing. I checked and does not seem to be pluged like last time. This part does have electrical part to it – dont know if that could be bad. Its a $160 bucks new.    Help please