Aug 162010

i have just changed the plugs and coil pack in my car cause it was running rough. well it still has the same low pick up as before. can anyone  tell me anything about the miller cycle engine? maybe the fuel injector? are a v-leak somewhere.

Jul 142010

i have a 92 mazda b2200 that starts very hard when cold.  the choke isn’t closing when i push in the pedal.  i can push gas pedal in half way then move the choke to the full closed position by hand and it starts fine, but i can’t figure out what closes the choke when you push in the pedal, its like its missing a spring or something that activates it. once warm the choke opens as it should and runs great. i have lubed it up and it seems like it moves freely

Apr 282010

2000 Mazda MPV oil light came on…within 2 minutes motor completely locked down. Starter engages but will not start.  I am NOT car smart so….what am I looking at and what is financial damage going to be?