Jul 222011

I have a 2005 RX8 and I have lost all power to radio and a/c control panel. The dash has all lights , windows work, seat warmer and cig lighter works. Just the radio and control panel for heat and a/c. You can turn on the blower for fan for a/c and it works just can not switch from a/c to heat, defrost, etc. We have checked all fuses and none are blown. Any suggestions on this issue??Lisa

Apr 222011

I just bought a 2006 Mazda tribute which was inspected before I picked it up . My wife took it on a trip 2 days after I bought it , the trip was about 500 miles 1 way .
Half way there she noticed a vibration in the wheel
she stopped but could not notice anything so she continued to her detestation and got the SUV checked out and was told the Lug Nuts On the Passenger side were so loose you could hand tighten them .
I am wondering what kind of damage this could have done for driving so long with loose lug nuts .

Apr 072011

I have a 2006 mazda 6i that failed emissions. Had codes P2187 and P0455. Was told to replace purge valve. Can’t seem to find it. Can you tell me where it’s located and is it a difficult job?

Aug 162010

i have just changed the plugs and coil pack in my car cause it was running rough. well it still has the same low pick up as before. can anyone  tell me anything about the miller cycle engine? maybe the fuel injector? are a v-leak somewhere.

Jul 142010

i have a 92 mazda b2200 that starts very hard when cold.  the choke isn’t closing when i push in the pedal.  i can push gas pedal in half way then move the choke to the full closed position by hand and it starts fine, but i can’t figure out what closes the choke when you push in the pedal, its like its missing a spring or something that activates it. once warm the choke opens as it should and runs great. i have lubed it up and it seems like it moves freely