Sep 082011

Hi, im new to this site and am hoping to try and get some help with my truck problem . It started last winter but hasnt really got any better if not worse . Firstly im not what you would call a great mechanic so if anyone can help you may have to explain in detail if you dont mind . Ok here we go , last winter my truck had trouble starting in the mornings ( mitsubishi l200 warrior ” 02 ” plate) it eventually started then rest of day it was fine . I have changed the glow plugs for new NGK ones and changed the glow plug rail but the problem still wont go away . When i turn the engine over it its like it just wont fire up . Im not sure if it could be the glow plug relay but i dont really know how to check it . This may all sound a bit dumb and simple but it really is starting to get me down . Any advice or help would be much appreciated .Many thanks.

Dec 132010

i have a 1994 mitsubishi lancer 1.8l efi. when driving, especially from a standing start, the car coughs and surges. while parked if i put my foot to the floor quickly the car struggles to get revs but if i slowly rev it its fine. a bloke i no sed it could be a spark problem so i replaced the plugs, leads, distributor cap and fuel filter. the coil and rotor button were also replaced 18 months ago.

Aug 072010

My car (2000 Mitsubishi Magna Sports 3.5L dual trans) is making a knocking sound only when the engine is warmed up on the right hand side and when i get to 110Km’s the front of the car and steering wheel start vibrating and shaking heavily only when my foot is on the acclelarator. Foot off it stops, foot on over 110kms it starts. Mechanics diagnoses so far: Brisbane Mechanic -its your suspension $900, Pedders – suspension is 100% its your drive shaft and power steering rack $1500 Car Drives Brisbane to Melbourne. Ultra Tune -your drive shaft and rack are fine its your engine mount -$200- 2 hours later -your engine mount is fine its your transmission and unsafe to drive-$2800. Transmission place- transmission is 100% nothing wrong with it. Drove the car to Adelaide and car is still running but still knocking and vibrating.

Apr 272010

I have Mitsubishi Express 2008 manual transmission Van. It’s petrol/lpg. I recently got it serviced (Engine oil, oil filter, coolent, brake fluid, rear axle oil, manual transmission oil, spark plugs, air cleaner filter). After servicing, power/pickup/speed on lpg got reduced however it’s still the same on petrol. Please let me know what went wrong?

Feb 022010

I have a 1991 Mizibitzi Mirage that runs fine for about 1/2 hour then starts to sputter as though it does not get gas or gas line plugged up. When it starts to sputter I really have to give it the gas to keep it going. I have changed gas lines, fuel filter, spark plugs and distributor cap. This is still a problem at all speeds, and in all weather situations. What could be the cause? Failing fuel pump? failing oxygen sensor? Help.