Mar 012015

the headlights and interior lights serge(dim, like a heartbeat) but only when the engine is running. when i turn the car off, its normal and steady.

Feb 192015

My Mitsubishi lancer GLX with a 4G18 engine and an automatic transmission .
Has a problem that after driving for about 10 to 15 minuets the car stops driving and the neutral light flashes while in drive and the engine begins pulsating revolution as if rev limiter

Feb 162015

I put my key into the ignition today and everything was normal. I could turn it on. Now my key seems to be locked in there. I can not remove key. I made sure it was in park. I also made sure that nothing else was wrong. Suggestions?

Dec 262014

need some help i have a mitsi rvr and it has a sputter problem that only happens sometimes when i leave a stop sign or in the mornings when i go to work i can put my foot flat to the floor and it it sputtering and bogging out then pump the gas and it fires away then drives good as gold took it for a hour drive down the highway and never missed a beat got home and it started again doesnt do it in park just in drive or reverse then other days it wont do it at all and runs fine it has no check engine light at all and is very weird how it only happens now and then its like a woman has 1 good day and 6 bad days got me stumped any ideas would be great