Sep 172015

I just replaced the alternator in my lancer now it is overheating. If I bypass the fusible link on my positive battery terminal the car runs fine but that fuse is tied directly to the alternator so it drains the batter when disconnected. My question is why is overheating when that fuse is connected and not overheating when I bypass it? Is the belt not tight enough or is the link bad on the terminal ?

Sep 042015

My #3 injector is not pulsing. It has a wire ran straight from the injector to the computer. It worked for a little while and the wire was cut when the head was fixed and now it’s dumping gas again. The injector was replaced and I put another computer in it. What else could it be?

Aug 082015

I just had the timing Chain done and it drove fine till I got home looked under the bonnet and oil is all over the engine and now I have no oil in it. Any help would be appreciated. Started to think it might be the oil sensor or switch.

Aug 022015

Why wont my new feul pump work? All relays and fuses work. I wired it direct to the battery and the pump turns on and so does the car but only for a few seconds. I did smell burned plastic when it went out. My battery is dead but i used jumper cables to try it all out. Could this be just a battery issue, or is the wiring,or something else?

Jun 242015

This is probably the weirdest thing that has happened to my car. Sometimes when I turn on the car it just shuts off. Other times it shuts off when I come to a stop. I have noticed that when it doesn’t shut off is when I keep it accelerated. The check engine light comes on and feels like its going to die. I have recently changed the ECU. I noticed it has been acting up like that afterwards. It does drive a whole lot better than before though. These are also some of the recent changes I have done.

Oil change and filter
O2 sensors
PVC valve hoses
vacuum hoses
spark plugs and wires
fuel filter
fuel pressure regulator
put a fuel injector cleaner in the tank
fuel pump
air filter
coolant temperature sensor
idle control valve
intake air temperature sensor (IAT)
intake manifold gaskets
brake booster hose

Thanks in advance