Mar 172015

I had put bad fuel in my car and it messed up the fuel pump.  I took the car to a mechanic and he replaced the fuel pump; he also said he had to replace the mass air sensor.  My car still was missing; He replaced the injectors and spark plugs and still my car is missing.  I don’t know what else to do, I already am in debt $2,000.00 and the car isn’t any better then when I took it in.

Mar 042015

All the sudden, the transmission got stuck in “overdrive” or a high gear anyway, so a really slow get up and go. Everywhere said it was probably the transmission control module. So I changed the tcm, It drove fine for a few minutes the first day “I only drove it down the block and back”. The next day I started out in it running fine, but when I came to a stop and started to go it was back to the same thing, “stuck in overdrive” or possably safe mode? Any suggestions, It dosen’t seem to be total junk if it repaired itself even for a moment, right? Thanks

Feb 132015

I have a problem with cold weather starting. I have to crank and crank before it will start. Starts fine in warm weather. If I hold the accelerator down halfway it starts easier, but not like it should. What could be the problem?

Jan 312015

I have purchased this skyline and had it all dyno tuned but when the car is cold in the morning I have to pump and pump and pump the accelerator and then when the car does start a big puff of black smoke comes out the rear. It runs rough for about 30seconds and then comes good. When driving the car under high RPM it seems to pop and miss and if I turn the car off for more than half an hour when restarting I have to pump the accelerator 5-6 times to while turning the engine over to make it start. When I spoke to someone about this they told me it sounds like a fuel injector leak as if one was leaking it would de-pressurise my fuel rail therefore dropping fuel into the motor therefore when you start it its hard to start and blows black smoke?? Just wanting a second opinion please.

Jan 102015

I have a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder SE off road model, The meter that indicates the Oil pump pressure never rise more than halfway at initial start and when the engine is steaming, the meter drops from the half position to almost the lowest position, but when you initiate drive, the meter rises to half position and stops there.
In this condition when driving at about 1.5rpm the engine will develop a strange sound for a short time (about 30 seconds) and stop, but continue again and stop when you accelerate. Though it still drives very fine and smoothly, could there be a problem with the oil pump? kindly advice me please.