Apr 302015

my car shuts off when i turn on the a/c. Other than that, it runs with no problem. no engine light is on while driving with the a/c off.

Apr 252015

What would make my car idle but die when you put it in any gear it sounds like it idles so low that it dies it wasn’t doing this til my fuel filter was replaced with a new one to stop it from shaking and boggin down like it coulndnt breath an I used some Lucas gas treatment an some throatal body cleaner

Apr 152015

When I get in my car and the car interior is hot. The power windows do not work. After I use the fan or ac to cool the inside of the car they work. What is wrong, or how do I fix?

Apr 132015

at first the coolant hose burst and drained all the tranny fluid, it did that three times, then it started idling weird, changed like 7 rotting hose, now sounds weird, doesnt accelerate correctly, now all my lights dont work, brake lights and blinkers, but fuse not blown please help

Mar 302015

I’m at a loss. I have had a mechanic check all the electical components that are involved in starting my car. I have a new ignition control module today. Car has no spark. I’m wondering even if the distributor and coil have power, could they still be bad. I gotta new cap and rotor button also. He tested all the fuses for the car too. I’m open to any idea….