Jun 012015

My interior lights inside my car aren’t working, the dome light, the light that should cone on when the doior opens. I have tried changing the fuses, what could it be?

May 282015

All coolant in radiator and overflow gone after two mile ride. Not overheating. New radiator New hoses and clamps. No visible leaks. Steam from by intake

May 262015
My Maxima keeps dying at random times and once it starts again it acts like it’s not getting enough fuel. Ive already replaced the intake gasket, spark plugs, fuel filter and fuel pump to fix this problem. Could there be a hole in the fuel line? Sometimes I can hear a hissing sound coming from under the car after its been run awhile. This goes away once you remove the fuel cap.
May 192015

Service Engine Soon light came on. Went into pep boys and they said I need a new catalytic converter which with parts and labor will run me around $1000. Online I can find them discounted ranging from 150 t0 400. While my mechanic says 600 for the converter. I want to buy a cheaper converter and bring it into a mechanic to install. Do you recommend that? How do I know the converter to select? Thank you so much!

May 132015

Every morning when I try to turn on my vehicle, It won’t start. I turn key to the on position and it just drags doesn’t turn on, so I turn off and try about 3 times more before it turn son. Every morning it does this