Aug 042015

My truck is making a sound like a jack hammer while driving and I am unable to accelerate on the gas. Cause the vehicle loses power to drive

Aug 042015

Yesterday my vehicle lost acceleration going up a hill on my way to work it will turn over but my vehicle will not go in forward or reverse and even run idle in first or second gear and won’t stall out being a manual transmission and not having the clutch engaged. Is it the obvious I need a new clutch or is there something I’m missing? Thanks Nick

Jul 272015

My ac only blows through defrost vent ans I cannot change the settings or temperature. The climate control light are not lit up and won’t turn off ac. The cd player is playing but no sound. I cannot change the radio/cd functions either.

Jul 252015

The rear windows won’t go down with front drivers controls but goes down when using rear controls is there a way to reset it to use front controls ?

Jul 232015

hey my car overheated then died when i went to start it after it cooled down it jus winds the water and oil levels were good any ideas

Jul 192015

There was a leak in the fuel line and after I fixed it the gas won’t go through the fuel pressure regulator why is this is there a way to fix this without buy a new fuel pressure regulator is there a way to take it apart and clean it or something?

Jul 192015

No Start. No Crank.

Corrections attempted:

1. Battery checks good.
2. Checked and cleaned battery terminals. All lights, radio, etc. work.
3. Replaced starter.
4. Have attempted to start with shift level in “Park” and “Neutral”.
5. Checked circuit breakers. All were good.

Not sure where the starter relay is on this vehicle. But checked the under hood relays, all seemed good.

Jul 082015

Replaced battery now car won’t run no longer then 5 mins n cuts off …turn key and it starts perfect but cuts right back off..turn key again cuts off..