Oct 062015

My car starting having problems accelerating and would not go over 20 mph. At some points it could barely accelerate at all, and the car barely made it to the shop before breaking down. Took it to a mechanic who told me I need to have all the spark plugs replaced and the catalytic converter. Totaling in about $1,400 dollars in repairs.

I’m planning on buying a new car, and just want to trade in my X-terra. I’ve been told by friends that you don’t necessarily need a catalytic converter to have the car run. What are the minimal repairs that could be done in order to just get my car running ? I plan on just driving directly over to the dealership. Is it possible to just have the spark plugs replaced and leave the catalytic converter as is? Would this be sufficient?

Please HELP!
-Karyna Romo xttera

Sep 302015

I had the transmission replaced on my Altima a couple months ago. Now the car raddles when i go over a bump. I got under the car to figure out the problem, found that there is a fingure width gap between a mount on the front frame and the bracket for it. Is there suppose to be some rubber spacers to keep that from striking metal on metal?

Sep 162015

Intermittent transmission slipping. No evidence of water/fluid cross contamination. Changed Trans filter. Worked good for one day then intermittent again. Problem appeared suddenly.

Sep 142015

I purchased this vehicle in February of 2015, since then I have replaced the power steering pressure hose, the alternator (due to the leaking power steering hose flooding & shorting it out), put new strut assemblies on the front, replaced the spark plugs, cleaned the MAF, replaced the fuel pump, and 2 ignition coils. It is still idling ROUGH, stalls when it starts, and has an error code of P0306 (saying my cylinder 6 is misfiring). However it has a NEW ignition coil & spark plug. Took it to the mechanic and they say that cylinder 6 is getting NO fire. We have checked the CAM sensor, the fuel injectors & combustion to the injectors. Checked wire to the ignition coil–all are firing as they should. Everything checks out, just ZERO fire to cylinder 6. Can someone help me figure out what it is?? The only other thing we can come up with is Engine Control Module–which I attempted to reset but now it will not stay running. PLEASE help!! Thank you.

Sep 012015

I was driving along at about 75mph and my 2005 Nissan 350Z convertible (52,000) sputtered and 3 warning lights came on. Service engine soon, TCS off, and SLIP. I am getting mixed signals is it a ABS problem of maybe a O2 sensor. Please help as I refuse to get raped by another mechanic. Thank you.


Aug 182015

My car started got 2feet and it just cut off on me ,tried to restart would not turn over and no panel lights ,called roadside they came for battery recharge still nothing (battery is one year old,brand new),still no start ,sat awhile turned key off and on then begin to get a light on panel ,the car started,turned car off then tried again car started,road ca home with no problem ,WHAT COULD BE MY PROBLEM,need to get to work is this an ongoing stop and start problem ,if so WHAT IS ESTIMATE (parts and labor)

Aug 172015

So I replaced all rotors and break pads despite the last ones not looking in too bad of shape. They were making noise for a while.

I took everything apart, installed new pads and rotors. After about 20 minutes of driving it began making a squeaky noise when the break was applied.
I thought maybe it would be just the new brakes wearing in and what not. It has been 4 weeks, I have driven to Southern Indiana (I am in Chicago) and back, as well as to Kankakee – that’s at least 800 miles on them – plus my regular day commute. I am pretty sure they would have been good by now, however, they are still making that damn noise. They show nothing wrong with the breaks but this noise is starting to get to me. The longer I drive on the brakes (over 40 minutes) they continue making a more annoying/louder noise. Any idea what is going on? It is a fairly new car 2013 Nissan Altima, please help!

Aug 042015

My truck is making a sound like a jack hammer while driving and I am unable to accelerate on the gas. Cause the vehicle loses power to drive

Aug 042015

Yesterday my vehicle lost acceleration going up a hill on my way to work it will turn over but my vehicle will not go in forward or reverse and even run idle in first or second gear and won’t stall out being a manual transmission and not having the clutch engaged. Is it the obvious I need a new clutch or is there something I’m missing? Thanks Nick