Feb 032016

1993 Nissan Altima - Car hesitates

My car hesitates during take off. What can make it hesitate during takeoff?


Car hesitates when accelerating

There are many things that may have a hand in causing your car to hesitate. When the car hesitates it may be caused from a failing sensor. When a sensor fails the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) computer will store a code and illuminate a check engine light on the dash.
– Nissan OBD Trouble Codes for car hesitates related to transmission shifting
CODE 14 Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS)
– Nissan OBD Trouble Codes for car hesitates related to ignition/fuel. Possible contaminated fuel or old fuel.
CODE 34 Knock (Detonation) Sensor
– Nissan Trouble Codes for car hesitates related to acceleration. Throttle electronics including wiring harness and sensors.
CODE 43 Throttle Position Sensor (TPS)
Car hesitates from Throttle body

Car hesitates when stepping on gas

Sometimes it has nothing to do with electronics and sensors. Instead look at the mechanical side. This can be a dirty throttle body. You may be able to clean the throat of the throttle body. Start with a lightly alcohol soaked rag. Make sure to get the outside of the butterfly as well. This will allow more airflow at idle. This would increase the amount of air/fuel into the engine on take off. A loose connection around the air intake and air filter locations may have occurred. A vacuum leak can cause havoc on the engines ability to control itself. Usually a higher idle accompanies this. And sometimes leaving the air conditioning on is all it takes to slow this mule down.

Car hesitates when accelerating from a stop

Your car brake system could be at fault here. If your brakes are worn they could be grabbing the rotors. A caliper may be sticking an not allowing the brakes to retract. This would cause the brakes to drag on take off. The engine would have to work harder to move. A warn hub bearing could also create drag but you would hear a grinding in most cases.

Feb 022016

2001 Nissan Maxima Anniversary EditionSo for a few weeks the check engine light would come on then flash until I got to a certain speed then stop flashing. Also auto lights would have to be turned off and the radio or it would stay on I have had to jump the car with my truck but last time went to jump and it went to turn over then stopped now their is nothing only power from battery need help please


First thing I would think would cause this would be a relay sticking. Most likely a head light relay. There is a right and left headlight relay. This may be the cause for the battery draining. The battery will most likely need to be replaced since you have tried jumping it so many times. And possible blown main power fuses (fuseable links A and C) to regain power to everything else.

2001 Nissan Maxima Starting System Wiring Diagram

Nov 172015

2009 Nissan Altima

I recently had to put my car in the shop due to a accident. I had the shop replace the following:

1. Radiator support
2. air conditioner / heater
3. A/M condenser assembly
4. Refrigerant recovery
5. evacuate &Recharge
6. front suspension
7. engine cradle
8. wheel alignment
9. exhaust system
10. front pipe
11. front pipe gasket
12. air spoiler
13. air filter
14. oil pan

Well after a month and half in the shop I got it back but within less then 12 hours of me having my car my service engine come on .The codes that I got from autozone connecting they computer is saying it

1. IVT control solenoid open or shorted
2. Cam/Crank sensor out of phase
3. Dirt buildup at control valve.

My question is can after all replacing all of the things above if was not done right and not check can these codes be from what they fix. Sorry so long but tia for information given I greatly appreciate it.

Oct 272015

Went to have oil changed but garage did not put oil back in.

Garage did not put oil or filter in my 1997 Nissan Altima at oil change. I drove it about 4 miles before I noticed it. What damage could this do to the engine and is the life shortened 138,000 miles

1997 Nissan Altima

Oct 072015

2011 Nissan SentraMy car just started making a vibrating noise recently, coming from the undercarriage. At times it sounds louder than at others. I tried listening from the underside of the vehicle, and the noise seems like its coming from underneath between where the front and rear seats sit. but I can’t tell if its louder on the driver or passenger side. The makes a continuous rattling or vibrating noise, but seems like it went away some when I was on the Interstate. It might get louder when I am stopped at a light.