Feb 272017

2005 Nissan AltimaMy car starts to make a rattling noise from under the hood after being warmed up. It only happens when it’s been running for 20+ minutes. Sometimes it does it for a brief second when cold starting, but then goes away until it gets hot again. When hot, its volume increases accordingly with the rpms and gear changes and stops the second I let off the gas. I have been unable to do it while in park, so I can’t really listen to it unless I’m driving. I know it is not my exhaust heat shields. Have been told it could be the timing chain, but I had the engine replaced ~5500 miles ago, so I hope not! Any advice would be highly appreciated!! Here is a link to a video of my problem.

Rattling Noise

Have to say it doesn’t sound familiar to me. I will go ahead a post this so maybe someone else that might have experienced this can chime in.

Feb 142017

2007 Nissan TitanThe door chime sounds when the key is out of the ignition when the driver side door is open. It also sounds when the key is in the ignition and the driver side door is open. If the switch in the door frame is manually pressed in the chime stops sounding. It is a 2007 Nissan Titan crew cab 2WD 5.6 V8 with an Auto transmission.

I wish to fix the condition where the door open chime sounds when the key is out of the ignition switch. Otherwise, every thing seems to be working fine.

Do I need to replace the ignition cylinder,or is there a less expensive fix?


Door Chime Sounds

It sounds to me like you have pretty much figured it out. You are headed in the right direction with your diagnosis. The key and tumbler may not need to be replaced but you will need to dig into it for sure. You may find some poor contacts that may be able to be fixed without replacement.


Feb 012017

2004 Nissan MaximaI just bought a 2004 Nissan Maxima and I’m having problems with the rpm’s running high. When I hit the brake the rpm’s go up a few hundred and then will come back down and when this happens I can feel the jump in acceleration. Also because the rpm’s run high, when u go to shift into another gear without letting the rpm’s come down, it will shift hard making it feel like my transmission is hitting hard. Anyone know what could be causing this???


High RPM

What you have described is a perfect description of a vacuum leak. if any work has recently been done on the vehicle you may need to perform an Idle Air Volume Re-Learn.

Idle Air Volume Relearning Procedure

Without Scan Tool

To Perform:

NOTE: Use a clock to measure the time during the following procedure.
1.Verify the following operating conditions exist; ◦Battery voltage is more than 12.9V at idle
◦Engine coolant temperature is 158� – 212�F (70� – 100�C)
◦PNP switch is ON
◦Electric load switch is OFF (all loads off)
◦Steering wheel is straight ahead
◦Vehicle is stopped and transmission is at normal temperature

NOTE: If equipped with DRL, apply parking brake before starting engine to turn off DRLs.

2.Perform Accelerator pedal released position learn procedure.
3.Perform Throttle valve closed position learn procedure.
4.Run the engine to normal operating temperature.
5.Turn the ignition switch OFF for at least 10 seconds.
6.Verify the accelerator pedal is fully released and turn the ignition switch ON for 3 seconds.
7.Press and release the accelerator pedal 5 times within 5 seconds.
8.Wait 7 seconds and then press and hold the pedal to the floor for 20 seconds until the MIL stops blinking and stays ON.
9.Release the pedal within 3 seconds from the time the MIL turns ON.
10.Start the engine and allow it to idle.
11.Wait 20 seconds.
12.Rev the engine a couple of times and verify correct idle speed and ignition timing; ◦Idle speed: 650+/-50 rpm
◦Ignition timing: 15�+/-5�

Jan 232017

2008 Nissan QashqaiIs this Normal?


This is a perfect example of a properly functioning engine rev limiter.

Rev Limiter

A rev limiter is a device fitted to an internal combustion engine to restrict its maximum rotational speed. Rev limiters are pre-programmed into the car’s Engine Control Unit, except aftermarket units, which are packaged as a separate micro-controller. Cars need a limiter because it prevents the engine from operating above a pre-determined RPM level known as the redline.

Limiters usually work by cutting off a necessary component needed for the combustion processes, although some will change ignition timing. Commonly, rev limiters control the spark or the fuel injectors to the engine.

Types of Control

Spark Control

Ignition Control rev limiting systems work by interrupting the power that is distributed to the spark plugs. Once the car reaches the redline, the engine stops the spark. This is not very common in production cars because it is bad for emissions, as the system still injects fuel into the cylinder and consequently releases unburnt fuel out the exhaust pipe. This type of limiting can also affect the temperatures in the exhaust, causing premature wear on the catalytic converter.

Fuel Control

Fuel-cutting rev limiters are the most common because they are better for emissions, and wear less on engine components. These systems usually start to lean out the engine at redline by cutting fuel to the injectors.

Source: Wikipedia

Jan 172017

Nissan TitanMy Nissan turns over and over but wont even act like its going to start till battery runs down. But it started fine Saturday.


Check to see if it is out of gas. You can also try spraying some starting fluid in the air filter to see if it wants to run. This will let you know if it has spark and just missing fuel. Here is a wonderful no start diagnostic chart we have developed just for this kind of issue.

Jan 142017

2005 Nissan Altima Code P0420Engine light is on and evaporative emission small leak(evap leak) is what its says….also my car will not accelarate like it should on the high way it will stop and go like im running put of gas


Small evap leak could be as simple as the gas cap being loose or could be an actual leak. The most comon cause is a bad evap purge solenoid.

How to locate an EVAP Leak

The use of a smoke machine comes in play. Hook up the machine to the evaporative system service port or connect it to the fuel tank. Run the machine and look for where the smoke is releasing.

As for the engine not running well, first of all make sure it has fuel. I do not think the evap leak is related to this issue. You may have gotten hold of some bad gas. Try using high octane from a different fueling station the next couple of fill ups. Some Nissan’s are picking when it comes to fuel and may require High Octane all the time.

Nov 222016

BMW E36thinking of putting a sr20det into my e36, how hard will this be?


It will be quite difficult and require some master skills. You will need to be able to fabricate and weld in new mounts and exhaust system. You will need to move all wiring and computer system which may require rerouting and lengthening of the wiring harnesses. Relocation of air intake system.  Not to mention hood clearance. Could be a fun project though.

Nissan SR20DET

The SR20DET is part of the SR family of engines from Nissan. It is a popular inline four cylinder engine fitted into a variety of cars, generally the Nissan Silvia and 180SX. It also came in the Pulsar GTI-R and the Nissan Bluebird. This engine replaced the CA18DE and CA18DET that originally powered the Silvia and 180SX.
Source: en.wikipedia
Oct 312016

2010 Nissan VersaI hit a pot hole the other day. Now my passenger tire, when I get up to about 30-40mph, is making a grinding noise until I fully stop.


Grinding Noise

Something isn’t right. You definitely need to have it looked at. Could be as simple as an air damn being bent. May be something more important suck as a brake issue. Take note whether or not the noise changes pitch when braking or turning. If the steering seems to want to pull the tire may be rubbing something. You may also be able to put the car up on jack stands and put the car in gear and look to see if you can locate the issue.

Oct 152016

2015 Nissan AltimaWhat would cause my check engine light and slip light to come on?


The check engine light illuminates when the engines performance cycle in compromised and a specific problem is recorded.

The Slip light: An image of a car sliding tells you that either Traction Control or Vehicle Dynamic Control is active, telling you the car is close to its traction limits. If it stays on, it indicated the system is deactivated.

The only way to know would be to pull the check engine light codes. This requires a scan tool. However just about any local auto parts dealer will perform this task free of charge. Also you may want to look at this vehicle still being under warranty.


Oct 042016

1994 Nissan Bluebirdi have had to replace the rocket gasket seals.
ive put in new spark plugs
ive put in injector cleaner.
and when car is parked up and the hood is up there is an air leak somewhere.!!!
but my car still jerks a little but when driving!!!!!!!!
its starting to frustrate me


You will need to start with pulling any check engine light codes. Post the codes below in the comments. Find and repairing the vacuum leak would be a good thing as well. You may find it shows an engine misfire code. The first place to check would be an intake gasket for a vacuum leak.