Jul 252015

The rear windows won’t go down with front drivers controls but goes down when using rear controls is there a way to reset it to use front controls ?

Jul 232015

hey my car overheated then died when i went to start it after it cooled down it jus winds the water and oil levels were good any ideas

Jul 192015

There was a leak in the fuel line and after I fixed it the gas won’t go through the fuel pressure regulator why is this is there a way to fix this without buy a new fuel pressure regulator is there a way to take it apart and clean it or something?

Jul 192015

No Start. No Crank.

Corrections attempted:

1. Battery checks good.
2. Checked and cleaned battery terminals. All lights, radio, etc. work.
3. Replaced starter.
4. Have attempted to start with shift level in “Park” and “Neutral”.
5. Checked circuit breakers. All were good.

Not sure where the starter relay is on this vehicle. But checked the under hood relays, all seemed good.

Jul 082015

Replaced battery now car won’t run no longer then 5 mins n cuts off …turn key and it starts perfect but cuts right back off..turn key again cuts off..

Jul 072015

oreillys did a scan and said i need a fuel sensor/car loses power while driving/and eventually stops running/how difficult is it to replace and what should labor run me?

Jul 072015

My power Windows will not roll up or down
My power lock or mirrors are not working
I’ve checked all fuses they are good
Could it be the motor or a plug on the inside of the door?

Jun 202015

long crank time when engine is warm. replaced spark plugs & coils. held gas pedal to floor & still long crank time. I crank three short times and it usually starts up. if not do it again. also replaced temp sensor & cleaned the throttle body. replaced the battery & new air filter. It starts very good when engine is cold. Can’t think of anything else as of yet. The car has 58500 miles on it. Thanks Paul