Sep 082014

Nissan maxima 2000 – 145K miles. While driving the dashboard light lit on (airbag, abs light ) and the headlights went dim and the car stopped. I tried to do jump start , the car is starting but within 2 min the same thing is happening and the engine is stopping.
What can be the problem?

Apr 112014

why does my car not start I was driving and the car cut off Hickory pack up and come off again this happened a couple times now it doesn’t start it turns over but it won’t start. I am NOT getting a spark from the plugs what do I need to do and how to do it the cheapest way?

Jan 312014

My Nissan Micra K12 was recently ‘hot wired’ via the starter motor. Since then, I have had problems with the battery draining, and the MIL has come on (fault codes P1122 and P1126). My question is – can the hotwiring to start the engine damage the ECU, or other electrics?

Thanks for any advice.

Jan 262014

Car misses when it reaches operation temp and is in a lugging state like going uphill with it staying in overdrive or sitting at a red light that’s when It does it the most. I’ve changed the entire distributor along with cap, plug wires and rotor

Nov 282013

a/c-heat will only blow sometimes, mostly @ initial start up of car but even then only if you’re lucky ? Once it does blow air if you turn off or turn car off/on will not blow again till next day maybe or get lucky ? But when does blow it is ice cold or hot heat, research online says Power Module or probably Fan Speed Resistor, but need a pro’s advice ? Please HELP