Apr 112014

why does my car not start I was driving and the car cut off Hickory pack up and come off again this happened a couple times now it doesn’t start it turns over but it won’t start. I am NOT getting a spark from the plugs what do I need to do and how to do it the cheapest way?

Jan 312014

My Nissan Micra K12 was recently ‘hot wired’ via the starter motor. Since then, I have had problems with the battery draining, and the MIL has come on (fault codes P1122 and P1126). My question is – can the hotwiring to start the engine damage the ECU, or other electrics?

Thanks for any advice.

Jan 262014

Car misses when it reaches operation temp and is in a lugging state like going uphill with it staying in overdrive or sitting at a red light that’s when It does it the most. I’ve changed the entire distributor along with cap, plug wires and rotor

Nov 282013

a/c-heat will only blow sometimes, mostly @ initial start up of car but even then only if you’re lucky ? Once it does blow air if you turn off or turn car off/on will not blow again till next day maybe or get lucky ? But when does blow it is ice cold or hot heat, research online says Power Module or probably Fan Speed Resistor, but need a pro’s advice ? Please HELP

Jul 312013

I am working on replacing my water pump. I have gotten all the way to removing the timing chain tensioner to produce slack, then turning the crank shaft 20 degrees counter clockwise to move that slack over to the water pump so I can slip it off the water pump sprocket this did not work so how do you get slack on the timing chain around the water pump?

May 202013

hello, I have a 1995 nissan sentra xe, 1.6 5 speed if that matters. 2 weeks ago I was backing up in my driveway into the street then stalled. Then I tried starting it back up and it wouldn’t start. My boyfriends dad found out that it was the timing chain so we bought both the upper and lower chain brand new and his dad is in the middle of replacing it at the moment and he ran into a problem? he said the camshaft won’t turn as he’s trying to replace it. What is the problem? What needs to be done? someone please help me!!