Feb 162012

Hi i have a 1995 nissan silvia qs my fuel pump was stuffed so i replaced it with 1 from fc rx7 savanna works great- problem is now my fuel gauge does not work even my fuel light will not come on i have run it dry just to see?

Jan 292012

I am working on a 2002 Nissan Xterra 3.3L 6 cyl.   Kept cutting off.  Replaced a bad fuel  pump.  Ran for about 2 weeks. Starting cutting off again.   Have to wait 2-5 mins before you can start again.  Replaced fuel pump again, fuel filter and fuel relay.  Continues to cut off after only a few minutes, and wait again.  I am thinking computer (which there are 2 as you know). Can get expensive to customer. Any thoughts

Sep 092011

I have a 2000 Nissan pathfinder XE. It starts to shake side to side once I reach 45+ MPH. I have to come off the accelerator to regain control of the vehicle. The shaking is only in the rear. What’s causing this problem? What needs to be replaced?

Jun 212011

Good day I have a nissan sentra 2007 2.0 cylinder…recently I have been having trouble starting the car. Everytime i the car is started for the first time for the day the rmp gage fluctuates.At times it shuts down.  However onces it starts it doesnt stall out on the road yet. Every mecanic that checked the car said it can be the cam sensor it has been replaced twice so far and still having the same problem. My car has aprox 7200 km on it.  Can you help me pls..

Feb 102011

ek het ‘n nissan navara 2.5dci 2006 model. teen 140km/h in 6de rat teen ‘n opdraande voel dit asof die bakkie wil uitsny as gevolg van ‘n tekort aan brandstof toevoer. ek het reeds die quantity valve vervang asook nuwe dieselfilters ingesit en die air intake sensor skoon gemaak en die bakkie doen nog dieselfde.

kan iemand asseblief vir my sê wat moontlik die probleem kan wees?