May 042016

1991 Olds Cutlass91 olds running on two cylinders i have changed the plugs and wires the coils and the coil housing what else could it be.


Could be a few things that might cause this issue.

  • Loss of Compression – possible blown head gasket or valve damage
  • Loss of injector pulse or stuck injector if equipped
  • Spark plugs damaged
  • Plug wires damaged
  • Wiring Harness damage

Jan 182016

1985 olds 98can you tell me how to replace o rings and washers on 3.8 ltr injectors?


Fuel Injector Replacement


  • Relieve fuel system pressure. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  • Remove the decorative cover.
  • Remove the injector electrical connections. Remove the fuel rail assembly.
  • Remove the injector retaining clip. Separate the injector from the fuel rail.
  • Remove both injector seals from the injector and discard.To install:
  • Prior to installing the injectors, coat the new injector O-ring seals with clean engine oil. Install the seals on the injector assembly.
  • Use new injector retainer clips on the injector assembly. Position the open end of the clip facing the injector electrical connector.
  • Install the injector into the fuel rail injector socket with the electrical connectors facing outward. Push the injector in firmly until it engages with the retainer clip locking it in place.
  • Install the fuel rail and injector assembly. Install the decorative cover.
  • Connect the negative battery cable, energize the fuel pump, and check for fuel leaks. To accomplish this safely, apply battery voltage to the fuel pump prime connector located at the right front corner of the engine compartment, between the battery and the horn. The connector is a single-terminal type with a gray wire in 1990 and a red wire in later years.



Dec 142015

The catalytic converter is running red hot. The spark plugs, wires and coils have been replaced and the converter is brand new. I feel this problem started when had muffler pipe replaced. Could it be the muffler causing this? or what else could be causing this since the basics have been replaced?

Nov 122015

1999 oldsmobile intrigue
The heater blower fan will not shut off, even when I turn off the car and remove the key. For about a month, it was operating only in the high speed setting.
To turn off the fan, I have removed the fuse from the block inside the passenger door.

Jul 052015

I replaced the water pump,thermostat, thermostat sensor ,heater bypass hoses and the cooling fans . my car is still overheating what could it be that’s causing this to happen ?

Jul 052015

Thank you for your time and consideration.
I have a 98′ Bravada and when I got it back from my mechanic this last time it was no longer working properly. From what we have come to understand he rev’d the engine with his foot on the gas and brake while in drive. So now the car will not take off from a stop in |D| – but will work properly if I shift from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, then into drive – and from there |D| will downshift automatically but not lower than 2nd.
ABS light is on and check engine goes on and off seemingly at random.
Does this seem like an issue I can duct tape without taking apart the transmission. Thank you again.