Apr 232015

Why won’t the car idle when its cold. Tried replacing coolent temp sensor, MAS, ho2 sensor, idle air control sensor, intake air sensor, gm computer, throdel sensor, fuel filter, and still won’t idle. Do you have any suggestions what it could be? Could it possibly be cam/crank sensor. The computer reads error on the can/crank sensor. Put a new ho2 sensor in but computer still reads bad sensor.

Apr 162015

I just replace the transmission in my truck and now it wont start. Replaced the starter and neutral safety switch and she still wont fire or even try to fire up. Anyone have any suggestions?

Apr 132015

My 2001 Olds Aurora starts and drives fine but after about 5 to 10 minutes it starts sputtering and shuts off could it just be in need of a tune-up or could it be something more?

Jan 292015

Every time i get my car washed the left turn signal will not work when i put on the brake.  when i release the brake the turn signal will work normally

Nov 122014

The Service Engine Soon warning light comes on sporatically. It seems to come on when I have been driving at highway speed and the change to driving 45 -25 mph but this is not always. I have the car serviced regularly. The light has never come back on after a restart when it has been on. Because of this I have not been able to have it checked for codes. Any ideas? The car’s actual mileage: 196,687