2001 Subaru outback makes a ticking noise

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Feb 102018

2001 Subaru Outback

Changed my oil Wednesday and transmission. Car was running not that great before hand. Filled up oil with 10w30 synthetic and added a bottle of Lucas oil stabilizer. (I always use to add 10w30). Filled transmission with DEX3 5 quarts. (Over filled it by a quart) ever since I changed fluids when I start the car it makes a ticking noise. Once it warms up it gets lower.

2001 Subaru outback makes a ticking noise

Feb 102018

Toyota Camry

So I’m thinking about trading my truck for a 2005 Toyota Camry. But it has 2446xxx miles and I was told your never supposed to buy a car over 200xxx miles. So I’m not sure if I should go through with it or not.

Should I trade my truck?

There are many reasons to consider. Can you use the car the same as the truck, NO. Do you need to be able to haul stuff around? Do you have a child on the way that will require the use of a back seat of a car? Was your goal in life  to end up with a car with that many miles on it?  Could you possibly sell the Camry for more money than your beat up truck? Are you able to work on cars that need repairing often. Why is the owner of the Camry so eager to trade for your vehicle?

I have personally purchased a vehicle with 220,000 miles on it and drove it for going on two years now. I needed a truck so I bought one. That being said, I am a mechanic and knew going in that I would have to work on it often. And I have.  Intake gaskets, air conditioning compressor, brake lines, brake pads and the list goes on. But for myself it has been a useful tool.

You didn’t mention how many miles your truck has on it or what kind so it is difficult to compare there monetary valve.

Was your goal to find this particular Camry, probably not. I would think if you want a car, you might consider selling your truck out right and buying the car you really want.

Feb 102018

2009 Hyundai i20

Hi – I am desperately searching for the Wiring diagram for a 2009 Hyundai i20 1.2 Classic vehicle. I need the diagrams for the Engine Bay as I had a loom fire and need to replace the cables that have been burnt.

Hyundai i20 wiring diagram

At this time we only have access to US Domestic and import model diagrams. I see you have requested this information from several places over the internet. Unfortunately no one seems to have this diagram available in free form.

This may be an instance where you will need to contact the service manager at your local dealership and request the information from them. Some may even be able to present you with the wiring diagrams for free. You never know unless you ask.