Nov 082009

Replaced the speedometer cluster. Replaced it with a used one. Also replace computer. Both used parts came from same car. Now car will start and run for 1-2 mins then die. Almost like a secuity shut-off. How can I get it running?

Oct 232009

On an 02 Pontiac Grand Am I seem to have all of the symptoms of a failing fuel pump, but when the car sits for a period of time and cools off, i will turn the key and i can hear the fuel pump operating just fine. Other times if i turn the car off and right back on after driving, the pump will not make any noise at all. Most time the power will surge allowing only low speeds. It will sometimes die while driving if too much gas is applied but always starts right back up. This problem happened gradually and I recently replaced the fuel filter and it was fine city driving only for a few days. Could the fuel pump still be going bad and just losing pressure? Can I be sure this is even a problem with the pump?

Oct 212009

car runs & drives for awhile then losses power & stalls, replaced throttle postion sensor, had & still has diagnostic code P0171 system too lean bank 1, replaced fuel filter & had black gunk dripping out of it, think could be plugged fuel strainer or plugged fuel regulator screen or failed fuel regulator or plugged fuel return line or leak in vacuum hose to fuel regulator, any ideas?

Sep 252009

2001 Pontiac Grand Am

so far they replaced the catalytic converter, fuel pump, fuel filter, and cleaned fuel rail. Engine compression is 160 across all four cylinders. New plugs, coils and  igntion module. Could it be a sensor? vehicle has 70,000 miles and oil changed every 3,000  thanks.