Oct 122010

I have a 1990 firefly automatic, This morning I started my car and it started to putter. I then put it it reverse and nothing and also in drive but nothing. I now can put it into drive and I have to rev it real high just to make it move 5 to 10 kms. Please help me with this problem.

May 112010

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. 3.8 V6 supercharged if the matters. But when the car is idiling in park, the engine will rev on its own. I know its not supposed to do that. I checked the vacuum line, I think thats what it is called, and there was a hole in it. I spliced it and fixed the hole but it still continues to rev up the engine in park? Any ideas why this would happen? Thanks

Apr 232010

I have a 98 pointiac sunfire 2.2L and i have a problem with the system getting back pressure and it pushes all the antifreez out of the system through the overflow resivior. what could be causing the back pressure? (i have changed the thermostat and i have also blead the system (which allows the car to work corectly for about a week and then it creates back pressure again).

Apr 182010


I  have service engine soon light, CarMD diagnostic tool shows OBD P0130 & P0171.  They have been on and off for about eight months now.  Every 30-40 miles the SES disapears then  shows up again after 30-40 miles. The car passed California smog test while the SES was off. The car fuel consumption is not that impacted.

Should I go ahead and fix it or just leave it? Thanks