Feb 222012

The other day I started my car and noticed a lot of exhaust was coming out of the muffler, so when I starte to drive the car wouldn’t go faster then 40k and the revs went up and the engine light started flashing !
We plugge in the code reader and said misfire cyl 3
We changed all the spark plugs and two were soaked with oil
Changed the coil pack an still does the same !
I just want to know what the problem is

Jan 282012

03 Pontiac vibe / heater blows cold air when driven slowly (or at idle) even when motor is up to normal temp. Blows hot air when driven on the highway. Temp gage worms up normal. Makes me think thermostat is OK.??? Doesn’t leak antifreeze. Heater core, bad circulation???

Aug 202011

” 2003 Pontiac Grand AM GT ”

” Symptoms ”

Are a lack of power during the day

it gets to the point to where I lose MPH when going up all hills and it takes a 1/4 mile to
get it up to 45 and longer to get it up to 70

it was quick just a month ago also as it reaches normal running temperature that’s when the power starts to lose it bad yet it runs better at
night until it gets warmed up again

I’ve had the service engine soon light come on a couple of times but it went out on my way home late at night. can anyone help?

Aug 112011

my security light flashes and my car wont start sometimes it takes minutes, hours or even days for it to stop blinking.  When the security light is steady my car will start and while im driving the light stays on, I have had my car for 8 yrs. and have never seen or new i had  security.  Someone tried to steal my car and  I had to get a new steering collar and blinker switch put on it, I did not put a new ignition switch on it. Can someone pleas help me!

Aug 032011

I have a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix SE,3.1 L engine.The wipers only work on high or
off,no low or intermittant.Ive changed out the Combo switch(turn
signal,cruise,and wiper delay) It still does the same thing.I cannot find a
Relay to the wiper system,but ive heard about the Wiper Pulse Module.Do you
think this is the problem ?  Thanks Danny