Aug 252012

After replacing the intake hose and connector on my 99 Grand Am, it overheated when I test drove it.  About an hour later I started it for about 2 minutes.  A gurgling sound was under the dash board so I turned it off.  Now it acts as if the battery is dead.  No lights except on the floorboard.  It also has a ticking sound coming from around the glovebox. The floorboard isnt wet.  Any ideas as to why my car went dead?

Jul 122012

I have a 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix and the headlights would not come on so when I got the car checked at the parts store I was told that the battery was functioning at 0%.  I purchased a new battery and then I had to get a starter.  Now the car still will not crank and the headlights will not come on.  I also tried to see if the car had gone into sleep mode.  What are your suggestions for my next step?

Jul 052012

A small black elbow tube located right side engine above the water pump and forward of the alternator on this engine has developed a large coolant leak where the elbow tube enters into the casting.
Need to identify this elbow part and how to go about repairing the coolant leak. I have .pdf pictures of the part if this will help with identification.

Apr 132012

The Left front door handle on my 91 Grand Prix SE 4 door broke.  I purchased a new one on Ebay for $15.   I installed it being sure that the actuator is in the slot in the handle and was reattached to the slot. When I lift the handle I can feel the actuator moving when I place my hand on it.   It will not open the door from the outside.  I adjusted the actuator thread all the way up and all the way down and in the middle.   It still will not open from the outside.     Is it possible I missed reconnecting something or is the Actuator bar possible bent?

Mar 212012

I have a 1999 Grand Am GT the problems i am having are
1.The car begins to overheat, it usually gets up to 205 but now that its been 80 degrees in MN the car has gotten up to 220, the remedy i have used that has been able to bring the temp down to just over 200 is to turn the heat on full blast.
2.The coolant/antifreeze reservoir perpetually goes dry, i can not go a week without adding another jug of coolant.
3.When i turn the car off and get out the engine smells sweet. And to go along with the smell their is a milky white substance that has condensed on the oil cap.
4. The underside of the coolant reservoir cap has a crack that looks like it is permanently pushing the spring up. would this cause the cap to release the coolant when it really shouldn’t?
We are not sure how many miles the car has on it, but the previous owner estimated it to be `Well over 200,000`. The previous owner also informed us that we shouldn’t turn the ac button off.
Does any of this go together, or is it just a lot of problems that a 200,000+ mile car has to deal with?