Mar 232015

Steering wheel shakes above 40mph, also clunking noise in front end when stopping or turning at slow speeds. Recently had control arms/ball joints replaced as well as sway bar links. Mechanic says it’s my front struts, but wouldn’t think that would make steering wheel shake. Can anyone help, car is costing a fortune, and the problem persists.

Mar 172015

When I put my car into reverse, it does not go anywhere. When I put it in neutral, it goes forward. And it is not shifting properly. I was told that it could be the transmission cable, either that or just the transmission. If it is the cable, would that be something hard to change? I know a little about working on vehicles, but I have never changed a transmission cable.

Feb 202015

the van is stalling out there are no codes i and i have recently replaced the fuel filter and fuel pump but it is still having the same issue more frequently now on flat ground and even more when on a hill…when i press on the gas to rapidly it acts like it is getting no gas i had a mechanic look at it and he said that he cant figure it out

Feb 152015

I have a chance to buy this car for cheap but it needs a couple tires. Comes with 16″ wheels. What other wheels will bolt onto this car and still clear the brake rotors and not rub on anything else? Would any 15’s work?

Feb 122015

2003 ponitac aztec..key wont turn all the way back to take it out, just enough to shut off car…googled problem its either they key barrel is bad or its the ignition switch..i have a chip in the key(pass key lll)…can i put a uncoded ignition switch in and a new barrel or is the transponder some wheres else in the car to where i have to put in the original equipment