Sep 182015

My car recently started sputtering. If I accelerate from a stopped position I am fine but if I try to speed up from a slow speed my car jerks and sputters like it don’t want to go. What could be causing this?

Sep 182015

So lately my car has been doing this thing where it would sometimes lung forward when coming out of a complete stop. It doesn’t happen all the time, I’ve only had it happen like 4 times this month, but it is starting to worry me. Like when I start driving again after being at a stop sign, it’ll just lunge forward when I press on the gas pedal. Also besides that, it has been making this really faint sorta whine. Swooshing sound when I accelerate. Sorry for the description, but that it the best I can do.

Sep 162015

My radio keeps cutting on and off on my Firebird. I thought it be my radio and wiring but I replaced it with a brand new one and still the same symptoms. It just cuts on and off at random.

Aug 012015

i tried to check trouble codes and the scanners i tried could not connect to the PCM. but the check engine soon light was on and when i gave it gas the lite blinked

Jul 062015

Car has about 75k miles; Radiator has been worked on, still the reservoir empties in a matter of hours every 3 to 4 days. Been checked for a leak,; been told no leak; Can you recommend an alternative issue with the car