Jun 202015

My car is having some troubles, dash lights and everything come on but when i go to turn the key there is nothing, not even clicking. temperature gauge goes all the way up as the key is in the start position then goes back down as soon as i let off. Yesterday this problem was solved when my friend pushed the (side post) Positive terminal into the battery as i stared the car then i bought a new bolt that holds the wire to the terminal because it was stripped and wouldn’t get very tight.. Car then started up fine. (May have been fluke) because today it happend again, turn key lights come on but nothing when trying to start. Then i cycled the key twice, and tried starting several times on 2nd cycle, the second time trying to start it on that cycle it started. repeated this pattern a couple of times. removed battery and cleaned terminals, put it back in and now nothing is working

Jun 162015

I parked my car in the garage this weekend. There was nothing wrong. I went to start it yesterday and it would not turn over. There is a click when I turn my key, and all of my lights come on, but other than that nothing. Some say it could still be the battery, there just isn’t enough juice to turn the car on. Other say it could be the starter. I have someone coming today to try and jump it. What is more likely? I need a quick cheap fix as I am alone & poor. Lol

May 272015

The fan for the ac and heater is only working intermittently. We changed the cabin air filter. Did not help. Any suggestions?

May 252015

So I unplugged my spark plugs and forgot to plug them back in and tried to start the car. Now my car won’t start. Already checked the firing order it’s right. Someone said starter but I’m not sure. It was back firing threw the heating system at first but stopped that. Its like it’s not getting spark.

Thank you

May 212015

the car will start fine sometimes and other times will just turn over and after a few times start other times it seems it will never fire up and may take 20 tries just took it to mechanic shop where i work at manheim auto auctions they replaced the fuel pump and some relay still having same problem read online where many with this vehichle 99 to 05 having same problem dont know what else to do dont have money to take it to another mechanic shop if they could not figure it out where i work not sre what to do there is a recall for the ignition cylinder or switch i think could this be the cause thank you for any help

May 052015

when we drive our van for awhile with the heater or air on & radio , then we park it & shut it off for a short period of time. when we try to start it again we have to wait until it cools way down before it will start again ! what is the problem ?