Dec 172014

Had noise in the front end that was a wheel bearing. According to all suggestions changed the passenger side because the noise was worse when I turned to the left. Still have the noise exactly the same. Could this be one of those times when the test defies logic and it actually is the drivers side that is bad. No clicking so I don’t think it is CV joint.

May 152014

I have a 1988 Pontiac Bonneville, that won’t stay on. Most of the time it cranks right up but soon dies out. I have replaced the battery, the starter, the fuel pump, fuel filter, and about nine months ago the mass air flow sensor. We’ve also had the alternator checked at Auto Zone and it’s still good. Any thoughts on what can be the problem?

Jan 172014

Im a women so bear with me please 🙂
Okay, so i bought the car 6 months ago. For the first 2 months it drove beautifully. Then the bad upstream o2 sensor came on and I lost about 5 mpg. Replaced it, 2 weeks later a new code popped up, bad catalytic converter, and more mpg loss and power loss. I just now got it replaced (The last guy (illegally) put a pipe through it.) I had not known this until replacement. The lost hp is defiantly back, she sounds great. Although I am literally getting 10 mpg. Its been a slippery winter Michigan but something is wrong. And when I fully stop at a light, foot all the down on brake, the car tries to lurch forward. It is a tiny little jump and could have gone unnoticed, I’m not sure.
The air filter is good, the spark plugs are new, it needs a oil change soon. Everything else is mystery.
Why does it jump forward?
Why did the car run so good if there never was a catalytic converter?
Why is my mileage so terrible?
I have the Haynes manual and no car lifters, I can squeeze under the car, but there’s no room to work.
Please and thank you very much!!! I am poor and have no one to help me with car stuff so I don’t want to go and have a repair guy lie to me.