Apr 112015

I have switched all 3 fuel filters car still will run a while fine then it is like the gas don’t come threw it quit pumping gas my sending unit one of the plugs on it broke so we cut the plug and put the wires back in I think it the fuel pump or sending unit

Mar 032015

My Forester is slow in responding to accelerator pedal. It seems gutless and I’m not getting a lot of power. My motor is hesitating at times and it feels as though it skips when cruising along. My check engine light is on. What can I do to get better performance and more power from my Subaru engine? Also, how can I get the check engine light to turn off?

Feb 252015

I can’t figure out why my check engine light is always on. I have ran the code and it comes up the EVAP system. I have replaced the CAT both o2 Sensors, and the charcoal filter. and the light is still on.

and another thing, Sometimes My dome light will not shut off, I have to shut it off manually and when my dome light is turned off then the lights don’t flash when I arm and disarm the security system. I don’t understand

Feb 252015

My automatic door locks started locking and unlocking by itself while I was driving. Then when I parked a couple blocks away I could not lock the car using the button on the door, I had to use the remote to lock it. What could it be?

Feb 232015

I need to know what the wire colors are and which ones are witch before the o2 sensor after the turbo so it would be the down stream o2? I got a Bosch o2 sensor the universal one and i cant seem to figure out the wiring please help

Jan 252015

Hit ditch burned up clutch trying to get it. Was told I had to replace entire trans because it all wheel drive. Is this true? Any help would be great….

Jan 182015

Concerning the impreza is the head suppose to move, I was told its not supposed to move. I just want the timing belt changed, but the guy working on it says he can’t put it back together because the head is loose. Please help!