Sep 012014

Engine turns over but will not start. Replaced coil, cam and crank sensor black voltage moduel on fire wall under hood, fuel pump works fuses good, check engine light was on when I bought the car 6 months ago timing belt ok not broken or stripped or loose. No spark to spark plugs power to the coil good no coil out put, no code reader. left battery terminals off several days in hopes computer would reset/ no go Help !

Dec 292013

recently purchased a 1995 legacy 4cyl all wheel drive with 90,000 miles. was told by a former Subaru employee that front diff, gearbox and back axle oils should be changed every 15,000 miles. is this just dealer hype? was planning on changing them because i have no maintenance records on this car but it is in excellent, “just taken to church on Sunday” condition. how many miles in between changes, if at all? thanks appreciate the knowing . Karen

Dec 092013

Car died while driving. I slowed to turn car, sputtered and died. Now it will start when cold then dies. Will run a little longer if throttle is held to floor. Can smell gas and seems to flood engine. I changed fuel filter, cap, rotor, air filter, PVC and still starts when cold then seems to flood out and die. What should I check next?

May 312011

This past weekend my car was driven about 15 miles with the emergency brake on. After that the check engine light starting blinking. I went by Autozone and the codes they gave me were P0500 Vehicle Speed Sensor and P1101 Neutral Switch Circuit High Input (A/T). NEither one sounds super urgent, the car is driving fine with no issues. I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas on fixing the problems or if it is super urgent.

Nov 242009

considering buying the car with 190K miles. Only the head gasket has been replaced – good idea or not?  Everything else looks good on the car.

The guy has a good reputation but I’m wondering about damage done to engine when first gasket failed.  How many miles could I expect to get out of this car with the new gasket?

Thanks for replies!