Oil Consumption Subaru 2015 Forester

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Apr 152016

oil consumption 2015 Subaru ForesterDealer replaced engine block after 11 months of failed ‘oil consumption tests’.
At my first 1200 mile oil check, the new block is half a quart low.
Should I be concerned again???


No. But I would definitely keep an eye on it. It is normal for some oil to be consumed or burned during break in  as it gives time for the rings to seat properly. A half quart would bring the oil level to the middle of the safe zone on the dipstick when checking your oil level. It is your responsibility to check your oil level often. So do just that, check it often. If you notice continued loss in large amounts, then be concerned.

Per Subaru 1 Qt per 1K is acceptable(2009)

Porsche this is (typically) 1.5lts per 1000kms

Toyota this is (typically) 1.0lts per 1500kms

“acceptable” means: We aren’t fixing anything unless it is worse than that.

06 Subaru Outback Problems

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Mar 242016

Subaru Outback
In my Subaru Outback I have to remove the tail light fuse each night or it will drain the battery. How can I fix this..

This is the outcome of a problem with the tail lamp relay which is not unusual for the Subaru Outback. The relay gets stuck, even though the key is out, and allows the battery to power the tail lights and parking lights till eventually the battery discharges completely.

Subaru Outback Problems

Complaints of check engine light on, cruise control blinking, and no acceleration.
The car tends to loose power and may occur while driving at highway speeds. The most common fix for this would be to replace the pedal assembly including sensors.

Nov 202015

1996-Subaru Legacy wagon
I have a Subaru legacy gt wagon 1996 ej20 engine, the car works fine when its warmed up , but if i just turn it on normally it’ll idle very roughly with low revs for like 3-5 seconds then turn off, unless I hold the key turned so it forces the car to stay on and allows the revs to go normally. After Ive held the key for like 20 seconds I can let go of the key and from then on well its warmed up it’ll work fine until Ive left it for a long time again, though on repeat of the holding key in turned on position it’ll work. the starter motor has also very recently been changed and I did take off the IAC and try clean it but couldn’t get the top part off too manually twist the valve when cleaning. also cleaned the maf sensor.

Nov 192015

2008 Subaru Impreza
Was riding fine when suddenly the check engine light flashed and it disabled the cruise control. As it was on the highway in early am with no open garages I got to my destination. It drove rough and is now driving smooth but the check engine light is now steady. Ideas and costs?

Sep 162015

Description of Problem: Around 40-60mph when hitting accelerator, a high pitched squeaking noise (lasting about 1 second) , mild jerking, and RPM’s spike. Seems to occur when engine is torqued. I only experience these effects when the temperature is cooler. If warm outside no issues.
Vehicle Make (Ford, Toyota etc): Subaru
Vehicle Model (Camry, F150, etc): Legacy 2.5i CVT
Year of Vehicle: 2010

Aug 182015

I recently imported a 2002 Subaru Legacy B4 and it came with a blown 100A main fuse. I replaced with a generic fuse but seems like there is a power problem which may be causing injector and cam position sensor throwing a check light for a few seconds when i run an accessories such as power windows. The check light does not stay on but just flickers for a few seconds and disappears The problem is worse at night when i switch on the lights as it causes the accelerator not to respond for a few seconds as the car refuses to take off and then the car takes off with normal power. In the afternoon without the lights it drives fine and is powerful but the problem now is that the fuel consumption is now pretty high. I do not know if it is related but the fog lights also are not working

Aug 072015

I have a brand new car battery. One week ago I drove this car for 60 miles. No problem. I went out of town for a week. After coming back when tried to start car, nothing. Not even clicks. AAA guy came. Jump would not work. He told me perhaps my starter is bad. Would starter go out like that? Wouldn’t I get some indication that starter is going? Other strange thing, when I opened my hood after it did not start, I saw that positive terminal on my battery was disconnected and battery tie-down was taken off. Seems like somebody tried to mess with my car but ran away, perhaps because somebody saw them. My question is, do you think it could be starter? Although positive terminal was disconnected, wire was still touching the terminal.

Jul 222015

I’m having trouble with figuring out what is wrong with this old girl. I bought her a year ago from a man claiming to be a mechanic, I’ve called him when ever something went wrong. After a few months the darn thing would need to be jumped every so often leaving me stranded. The battery had been tested and was told it was good. Then 3 months ago, my husband stared to accelerate and the power cut completely. Luckily we were right nex t to an autozone. The car would not jump start at all, we had to tow it . We tested the battery, starter and alternates. To them everything was ok, the alternator is worn but was told that it couldn’t be the cause. The battery is from 2012 (was told it was new) but again told it was fine. Now when we try to start her the hear the fuel pump click and and odd buzzing from the block, the gauge for the battery voltage drops to 8 completely draining it. We had to change the distributor for after the ‘mechanic’ took a wrench to pry it off swearing that was the problem. It has new spark plugs, fuel filter, and an oil change on top of it. I’m tired of throwing money at her, and can’t afford a new car. Any help is appreciated.

Jun 292015

I am having an issue starting my 2001 Subaru Outback. I have replaced the battery and alternator within the past month, thinking that they were possibly the source of the problem. When I try to start the vehicle I do not hear clicking or any other distinguishable noises.