Jul 232013

Car overheated. Had it towed. They had to put in a new water pump (changed the timing and driver belts as well), FIRST, before they could tell if the engine was ok. After a $570 bill, I was told the engine was bad. Cracked block, head? Got different answers. When pressed (asked for it in writing), then they could not tell me EXACTLY what was wrong. DID I NEED TO SPEND $570? TO TELL THE ENGINE WAS SHOT [OR IS IT]? GOT CONFLICTING ADVISE.
There are other ways to determine the condition of the engine, vs. yes, that’s the only way we can do it. Engine light code didn’t provide much help (they said). THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Apr 012013

In Summer: Engine starts, idles properly, car drives with no vibration. In Winter: Engine catches then dies. Depress gas peddle slightly first then car starts but idles slowly then after ~15 sec picks up idle speed. Car drives with loud vibrations from engine transmitted thru chassis. After engine warms up and sits with engine off for ~15 minutes, will start and run like its Summer (see above). Depending on outside temperature car will display appropriate degree of this problem. i.e. in cool weather will start first time then display lesser amount of “Winter” characteristics. Coolant and air temperature sensors tested OK.

Feb 232013

Car has new battery and will start intermittently. It’s not the alternator. You can drive the car about 1-2 miles and turn it off and it won’t start again. Go back the next day and it starts right up. Now it won’t turnover at all and no lights come on; this is the second new battery in a month. People have told me it could be the terminals, main relay, bad starter, etc. Hoping it will jump off this afternoon to take to a mechanic. At my wit’s end as I just spent $900 putting new spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap, rotor button, new radiator, motor mount, transmission mount and now it starts when it wants to.

Dec 252012

Motor turns over a lot before it will start. Once it is started it runs good until temperature hand strarts moving off of cold and when stop at stop sign it will die. It takes a few minutes to get it to start again but after that it will run all day no problem. Do you have any suggestions? Replaced thermostat,throttle position sensor,all vaccum hoses, plugs wires, cap, rotor button and flushed radiator.

Mar 192012

The 9006/H4 low beam bulb seemingly burned out the other day on my wife’s 2006 Sienna so I pulled the plug off and noticed that some of the brown colored plastic had broken away around one of the connector spades. I tried switching out the good bulb and it also did not work so I now surmise that the connector plug is no longer any good. Is this something I can pick up at the dealer and fix myself?

or must I take it in to a Toyota dealer for repair. Seems like it would be a simple fix.

Feb 092012

My 96 Toyota Corolla passed smog and then the following week had the timing belt, power steering belt, oil change, throttle cleaned, vehicle speed sensor replaced, and now has a code for misfire on 1,3, and 4. I was told to have a tune up done but did not yet have the money so I was on my way home and it stalled and wont start now. It sounds like it wants to start but doesn’t, I had it towed to my home and now it is sitting ¬†there. It has gas and at the time it stalled the battery had charge but now 3 days later the battery is dead.