Jan 022015

What is the easiest way to access the bolt on the lower control arm on the drivers side where the transmission is in the way. The motor mount on that side seems difficult to access as well, making the option of raising the engine not possible.

Dec 162014

Good day administrator. Please I have issues with my Toyota corolla car. I had little accident which I have fixed, so am trying start the car, each time I do, it makes the ki-ki-ki sound and then stops. I later found out that the 1st and the 2nd engine plug isn’t producing current…

Would could possibly be the problem

Hope to hear from you soon


Dec 142014

Just recently, the first start of the day I get a grinding noise when the car starts. Every start after it is fine. Almost sounds as if you are turning the key when the car is already started. Searched many sites and some people replaced their starter and still had the problem. Could this be anything other than the starter? Wanted to check all options before I replaced the starter.

Jun 022014

I have replaced the spark plugs on the car which is a CE model. When the plugs were replaced by removing the connector rail that connects the coils together, I noticed a wire that leaves the rail assembly from the left side and falls behind the engine to a sensor or something related. The wire is broke off, it has a prong sticking out and the cap to it which looks brittle is broke off. It is causing the car to ride rough. I want to replace it, however I do not know what this part is called.? Please help.