Feb 282015

a Toyota Camry has gear box problem after changing the gear it refuse to select an it has been over 3 gear box has been change i need ur help

Feb 242015

My car showed battery warning while I was driving I stopped and check to see water pump was leaking I poured more water and drive more 5 minutes since I wasn’t far from home, I changed the water pump refill the coolant and when I tried to start the car it was cranking but not starting the biggest problem now is abs,battery, engine lights are on and the battery is completely low it doesn’t crank it just does the trtrtrtrtr sound

Feb 112015

The driver door will not open from the inside. It opens form the outside. How difficult is it to take off the panel to fix? Is there a clip that might wear out? Estimate cost of local mechanic to fix.

Feb 092015

I was driving down the road on cruise control going about 63mph and the car just died on me. When it died the engine temperature gauge was normal (not hot). What happened?

Feb 042015

I was stuck in 19 inches of snow and as I was attempting to get my car out my engine light came on, ran a diagnostic and the code P0171, DTC-01 and 02 displayed. After reading these codes do you think I can make these repairs myself if you instruct me on what to do? I’m also a mechanic but have never come across this problem. Thanks, and have a beautiful day! Gary

Jan 262015

I am stumped and genuinely need some help. My 2005 Toyota 4Runner has the 4.7 V8 and in the last week or so, the charge indicator light on the dash has been intermittent and then suddenly on always. I started searching around and pulled the battery cables and cleaned the corrosion. The charge light has remained on and when I start it up, it almost gets to operating temp and then lights, radio, heat etc. all begin to shutdown. Then the dash lights up like a Christmas tree and shortly thereafter, the tachometer drops to zero, the engine sputters and then dies and will not start again until I disconnect battery cables and reconnect. I am in a very precarious situation in life and desperately need this vehicle back on the road ASAP. Please help! Thanks in advance.