Jun 092015

I have a 85 Toyota Supra. I purchased a while ago with a bad engine. I replaced the engine from a junk yard. The engine came from a if I recall correct a 83, perhaps a 82. The junk yard told me the engine would work for my 85. They closed down in a short time after I purchased the entire car.

I put that engine in my 85 and I have had problems with the car running like crap. I put in new plugs and wires. I had the timing checked. I was told the timing was originally off by a jumped timing belt and it was then set to specs. They said it had good vacuum and that the check engine light was specifically on for the knock sensor.

Depending on the mood of the car, or perhaps the day of the week, it will sometimes start and idle so so, some days like crap. I have to rev it up to get it started down the road. It has a hard time getting up and moving. Some times when I go down the road, if I do not put the pedal to the floor it will help. The max I can get is perhaps 60mph.

I did try to rig up a spot for it. I took out a motor mount bolt, took a piece of steel, drilled out a hole all the way through and one half ways through. I tapped out the half way hole. Then bolting the piece of metal to the block where the motor mount bolt was. Screwed in the knock sensor and plugged it in. It did not help any. This spot is a bit far from where it is supposed to be.

What are you diagnosis? Do you think it would be the knock sensor giving problems or something else? I have pondered taking off the intake and either drilling and tapping a spot where it is supposed to be, or taking JB weld and sticking a piece of metal to the block and then putting the knock sensor in that. How exact to the factory spot does it need to be? a inch or 2 off factory spot ok?

May 292015

My car will not crank and will not start. I had the starter inspected a month ago at the dealership and they said it is fine and changed my spark plugs. I also changed my battery as it was their recommendation. I had a high mileage oil change a week ago so all the fluids are good and the car was working fine but all of the sudden it is not cranking or starting

May 222015

Would #9098208284 (fuse 40A) going out cause the car not to start(no juice to start) plus the power windows and radio not to work? Almost every other things Headlights etc work. A wrong battery reversal post cause the horn to honk then no power to start

May 222015

My entire dash instrument panel went out along with my heater blower. All fuses looked ok. How are these two things connected. Owners manual said to reset breaker which I could not find on my car. Electrical problem ? Any help on this ? Thanks, Jaybird.

May 222015

I started the car and started to drive. As the temptemperature gauge started to rise above cold, I noticed that it would fluctuate when I hit the gas. When I press on the gas the temperature gauge drops to cold and as I let off the gas it rises back to normal. The same thing when I shift….
After I drove about 14 miles the car over heated. The over flow was full.
I replaced the radiator and thermostat. Could the cause of this be a faulty temperature sensor? Please help.

May 222015

2007 Toyota Highlander with 2.4L engine. AC Compressor shot. Mechanic wants $900 to do complete job. Sounds about right, but I dont have the scratch. I am fairly mechanical. I know there are “tricks to the trade” with replacing AC compressors. Would anyone be able to provide “detailed” instructions or reference a “detailed” video on how to replace the compressor, crossing all the “T’s and dotting all of the “I”‘s? Thank you.

May 052015

For the pass 6ys my engine has came the dealer told me I need Cataylis converter, I have replaced it twice and the oxygen sensor front and back what can it be.

May 032015

I’m trying to remove the oil filter cap I have the right tool but even with a lot of torque the cap is not moving I’m going counter-clockwise should I try tapping the ratchet with a hammer. I don’t want to damage the plastic cap. Is this a normal problem?