Aug 242015

On a 3.0 liter engine, I mis-routed the knock sensor plug to the passenger side. (under intake manifold). After installing engine, I found that the knock sensor wire SHOULD have been routed to the drivers side. Hence, the wiring harness is about 7 inches short of plugging in. Must I remove the intake and re-route the wire, or can I simply cut and extend the wiring harness wire without worrying about causing a knock sensor malfunction?

Aug 232015

on a trip at 55 miles per hour, my car started skipping . When sped up to 65 mph it smoothed out. In park it idles rough, the tach moves between 1100 rpm and 2000 rpm back and forth.

Aug 082015

I’ve replaced the fuel pump car will start and run for about 7 minutes shut off not start back for 15 minutes and start up and learn another 7

Aug 052015

I tried to install led taillights but the didn’t work but for a few seconds. Now the taillights and running lights don’t work. And it won’t shift out of park. How do I fix this?

Jul 252015

I am working on a 1998 Rav4 where the Battery Terminal was Removed while the Engine was Running to check the alternator. The car started malfunctioning (windshield wiper came on – lights flashed etc…)
The AM2 and SMS Airbag Acc fuses blew and no matter what I disconnect associated with these circuits they still continue to blow.
Has anyone else experienced this? I’ve been told it could be the BCM or ECM but I don’t know how to test for this.
Thank you,

Jul 232015

I replaced a bad alternator on my 1998 Rav4 2.0L and now the AM2 5A fuse keeps blowing when the key is turned to start the engine.
According to the owners manual this fuse is for the fuel injection, airbags, seat belt pretensioners, starting system and the discharge warning light.

Anybody have this problem before or give me some advice on where to start?

Thank you

Jul 212015

I have a 2007 Toyota Rav 4. It started using oil 3 months ago. I received a letter in the mail from Toyota, more or less that their were problems with some Toyota’s using oil and take it to my local Toyota dealership and have an oil consumption test done. In which I did and it burned 1 qt of oil in 1200 miles, which is consider a problem. The dealership told me they would send the results to Toyota and when they have the parts made I will receive another letter/ and or they (local dealership) will contact me. The problem is now when I check my oil I can’t tell if it is low, by looking at the stick it shows oil to the second marking. Today my rav 4 jerked and hesitated, (this has happen twice) it always feels like it is the transmission, but when I check the transmission fluid that reads full. It this a sign my oil is low or?? Also my oil stopped working soon after it started using oil