Oct 262015

We got 22″ of rain in Corsicana Tx this past Friday. I was creeping along through puddles and my car died. It started back up but died again. Hasn’t started since.

I went to oreillys, bought a dry air filter, set of plugs, and a can of PB Blaster.

Removed cap and rotor and flooded the distributor with PB, reinstalled cap and rotor. I pulled the plugs and cranked the engine over for a few seconds at least, to blow out any water that was present, and replaced the plugs with properly gapped(.044) copper core NGKs. Car not firing at all, even with a small either shot.

I brought the car home on a dolly today, and swapped the entire distributor, cap, rotor, and wires from a parts car that I just purchased a couple weeks ago. I know the components are all in good order because the parts car runs. The parts car has a knock but everything worked on it.

I’m at my wits end at this point. Any help would be greatly appreciated. And no, the rotor was not 180 degrees out when I replaced the distributor.

Thanks for any and all input.

1994 Toyota Camry

Oct 212015

Hello, i was at school and when i got out of school which was at 2:30 I have noticed that somebody hit my back bumper which now has a big dent and i was wondering how long will it take to fix because I need a vehicle in the mean time while my truck is getting fixed.

2011 Toyota Rav4

Oct 032015

I had my clutch replaced about 2 yrs. Ago as it was slipping. Well, it is slipping again and I’m thinking that the repair should have lasted longer than 2yrs. and I want to confront the mechanic who did the job. Am I right, or could I be doing something to cause this? I’ve only had the car 5 yrs.The car is a 5 speed and I have driven a standard for 30 yrs.!