Jan 072016

I want to know if I can put on tires that are one size wider and one size taller than stock? The clearance would help me on the roads I travel. Thanks for any response. Boo

Dec 192015

I got a problem after drain my LSD differential oil. and to refill I don’t know the exact grade oil number

Dec 112015

We have had to start the car by turning the steering wheel as if it’s locked. It clicks like its a dead battery or alternator, but when we crank the wheel while turning the key it starts! It’s getting worse, ie: from once in a while to every time we start it now. Where do we start, could be a wire twisted or broke??

Dec 092015

I seem to have lost power. I notice the lack of power on hills and the pick up does not seem as good as it used to be. The car runs OK even with a ton of sand or gravel in the back but when I tow a caravan the car overheats after about 30 miles/50 kilometres and on hills quicker. On start up I get some black smoke, I have had the injectors serviced that did improve the smoke on start up. If it was a petrol engine I would be more sure diagnosing the problem but with diesel’s I don’t have enough experience to be confident of a diagnosis.
Your help would be greatly appreciated, Thank you

Dec 052015

1999 Toyota Corolla
What would cause the back right wheel to be angled in slightly on top? The opposite wheel is fine. The car drives fine with a slight pull to the right, and it does need new rear shocks.

Dec 032015

1998 Toyota Sienna
The car seems to be to accelerated also when it shifts gears while in drive it takes some time to shift the engine has motor oil and it has transmission fluid. Also the idle seems to be to high. And the car jumps when its shifted from park to drive and reverse.