Jul 232015

I replaced a bad alternator on my 1998 Rav4 2.0L and now the AM2 5A fuse keeps blowing when the key is turned to start the engine.
According to the owners manual this fuse is for the fuel injection, airbags, seat belt pretensioners, starting system and the discharge warning light.

Anybody have this problem before or give me some advice on where to start?

Thank you

Jul 212015

I have a 2007 Toyota Rav 4. It started using oil 3 months ago. I received a letter in the mail from Toyota, more or less that their were problems with some Toyota’s using oil and take it to my local Toyota dealership and have an oil consumption test done. In which I did and it burned 1 qt of oil in 1200 miles, which is consider a problem. The dealership told me they would send the results to Toyota and when they have the parts made I will receive another letter/ and or they (local dealership) will contact me. The problem is now when I check my oil I can’t tell if it is low, by looking at the stick it shows oil to the second marking. Today my rav 4 jerked and hesitated, (this has happen twice) it always feels like it is the transmission, but when I check the transmission fluid that reads full. It this a sign my oil is low or?? Also my oil stopped working soon after it started using oil

Jul 152015

I have a 22r engine. The truck sometimes won’t idle, and will sometimes cut out when I am maintaining speed at low RPM, 2000 or so, the engine will jerks as it cuts in and out. I watched it idle for a bit, and notice that fuel just trickles into the filter, and the fuel that comes out and goes to the carb has bubbles in it. Why the low flow?

Jul 102015

The car is overheating .we replaced the radiator cuz it was cracked. Then replaced the thermostat. Its still overheating. I know it could be water pump but what’s other possibilities

Jul 062015

My 1999 Toyota Camry has ‘Check Engine’ light on. It happened once before 2 weeks back. But then after a day it went away.
It is there now. I don’t know why because everything seems to be normal.

Jun 302015

I just bought a 2000 Toyota Camry and took it to get smoged and it failed due to code p0770, how can I fix it or what needs to be done to be able to pass smog

Jun 272015

I put a electric fan in and now the car won’t start it does nothing at all when I turn the key nothing but the only thing I have that comes on is the air bag light could you please help me

Jun 172015

I am having trouble with the power locks. I can lock the car with the remote but when I try to unlock lock the car with the remote only the drivers door unlocks. It is the same with the switch inside the car. The locks don’t unlock when I use the switch on the door panel either.