Apr 282015

My car had a misfire, rough idling and unstable rmp plus stalling. i took it to the workshop and they sealed the EGR which helped. The misfire reduced significantly and idling smoothed out however the rmp instability is still there…sometimes drops too low to about 250 with vibration this is however intermittent. to raise the rmp i need to step on the accelerator and it improves. Stalling has happened only once since. What could be the problem?

Apr 122015

Last week, my check engine light came on. After I filled my gas tank and drove about 200 miles it went off. It came on again yesterday. I stopped at autozone and the guy there said it was reading a multiple misfire. I took my car to firestone for my oil change and had them run the diagnostic. They told me that my car’s computer would not connect with their machine. Does this generally mean that the computer is in need of repair? or hopefully not replacement? Could it just be a fuse? I have an appointment at at toyota dealer saturday

Apr 062015

Hi – the driver’s side window randomly retracts without pressing the down-window button. Not only that, but it retracts with the engine OFF! That’s right, we’ve turned the engine off, removed the key and watched the window roll down.

Mar 292015

My truck has an oil guage but its oil pressure seem awfully low.Starting out it looks like it may be 40 psi but as it warms up it drops to like 10 psi.I have owned many trucks and they all had 40 psi or better at all times.Im in a quandry.